This is How a Relationship Falls Apart When Lovers Travel Together…

This is How a Relationship Falls Apart When Lovers Travel Together…

You realise that your partner is not who you make them out to be, and BAM – everything falls apart.

So you would like to travel with you partner, which seems to be the trend right now. However, have you been warned about the perils of doing so? Yes, travelling with your partner is not all a bed of roses. Here are some situations that can occur which may put a strain on your relationship. Be warned.

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You may find that your partner likes completely different things from you

The most fundamental question of any travel trip is: where do you want to go? And when you can’t compromise, boy, it could get really rocky really fast.

And that your partner might be less into planning than you are       

You and your partner may not see eye-to-eye on whether to plan ahead or not.

(Plans – what are they?)

Your partner might be into experiencing the food culture of a country differently

Image credit: David Guyler    

Image credit: David Guyler    

So this is the most important scenario of the lot. One of you wants to check out the local Mcdonalds (the horror!),while the other person prefers to find the most famous street food stall (the heat!). How are you going to deal with this situation?

You will have to face your partner at their most unglamorous moments

Yes, your partner looks a tad different without make-up on, and yes, he/she will wake up with bad breath every morning.

And your partner will fart in front of you

Image credit: Ibnu Lukman        

It will get to the point where it’s not cute anymore, and you won’t be giggling it off, especially if the fart is one hell of a stinker.

Sometimes, your partner will drive you crazy over the small details

This is where the age old problem of whether the toilet seat should be up or down comes in.

For some couples, shopping is painful when done together

Why you should not travel with your partner

If you have always loved shopping and your partner does not, these are the moments when your partner will look desperately at you, wondering if you will ever be done shopping.

And hiking is two times more painful

This is only true when your partner is much better or worse than you at hiking. But when it happens, the person who has a better stamina will be forced to slow down and the person who is less fit will have to speed up (and he or she might complain about that).

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You will have to visit (possibly boring) places that you wouldn’t otherwise go to

A visit to a temple might be one of the most boring things ever for you. But this might just be a must do on your partner’s bucket list.

Or you will have to go faster or slower than you expected

Everyone has a different pace of traveling and your travel partner might want to travel at a different pace than yours. So should your travel partner desire to go faster, you might be feeling rushed. And when you partner prefers to go slower than you? You will be left wanting to pick up the pace of the entire trip.

So does all of this mean you should quit the idea of travelling with you partner?

Absolutely not.

After all, travel is one of the best ways to learn a little more about the quirks of your partner. And your relationship will grow stronger when both of you figure out how to work out your differences. Now go book that trip with your partner today!

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