3 Things Happen When You Embark on Your First Solo Trip

3 Things That Happen When You Finally Embark on Your First Solo Trip

The idea of a solo trip is both terrifying and inspiring. Find out why it could just be the best decision of your life

Embarking on your first solo trip is both terrifying and inspiring.

If you’re thinking you want to pick up your backpack and just go it alone for awhile, keep reading to see what might happen to you.  It’s not just about seeing new places, because what you’ll find when finally decide to you travel alone is something completely different.

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You’ll meet new people

As an introverted person, I have always found it hard to make small talk and take the first step to making a new friends at home.

Travelling solo, you no longer have the luxury of riding the coattails of your congenial best friend.  Even though you’re travelling alone – guess what?  You’re really not alone out there.  There are so many backpackers that had the same idea as you and have gone it alone.  So sit down at the bar, grab a beer and swap stories.  The common interests with those in your hostels and at local bars will bring your talkative side out!  Maybe you’ll even find a companion for the next leg of your journey, or a new international friend to stay connected with.

You’ll feel the greatest sense of accomplishment

One day, on your first solo trip, it will hit you.

“Hey, I just trekked through China for ten days with nothing but a backpack.”

And you’ll feel it, that amazing sense that you’ve done something great, and you’ve done it on your own.  Unmatched to promotions at work or landing a big job, this accomplishment will feel totally different.

If and when you come home, you’ll be bringing back an astounding wealth of experience (so don’t worry about your resume having a blank space- your impressive travel experience will make up for it).

You’ll begin to wonder if there is anything you can’t do!

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You’ll discover your real self

I find this to be the greatest reward of your first solo trip.

One you can’t find anywhere else.

Stepping out of your daily routine, getting away from the people you have known all your life and embarking on a new adventure takes your mind and soul to a new place.  You are on your own time – making compromises for no one – and you realize what you enjoy most and what makes you tick.  Your first solo trip might just be when you truly begin to love yourself and enjoy spending time in your own company.

It’s no wonder that people cancel their return ticket once they’ve begun to wander.  Travelling solo and exploring the world around you is one of the greatest thrills life has to offer – so take the plunge already!

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