Dead Sea: The Lowest and Saltiest Point of Earth

Dead Sea: The Lowest and Saltiest Point of Earth

Any living creature or plant that dares enter these waters will be killed instantly. Dead Sea? Fitting.


Is the Dead Sea really dead? Although it may not sound like the most exciting place to visit, the Dead Sea is in fact extremely fascinating and beautiful. Its water is known to have incredible health properties and can strengthen the body, mind and soul. At a staggering 396m below sea level, its shoreline is the lowest dry point on Earth. The Dead Sea is most well-known for its saline levels between 28-35%. This is a good deal higher than the world’s saltiest oceans that are only 3-6%. This means that the Dead Sea is very very salty.

The Dead Sea is also a pilgrimage site for Christians who visit during Easter. Even today, many visit this natural treasure on their way to Jordan, the site of Jesus’ baptism. If you come to visit the Dead Sea, don’t forget to check out the phenomenal monasteries, carved into the stone faces of the desert cliffs. Come and enjoy the wild beauty. 

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