14 Incredible Things To Do in Udon Thani - Only an Hour Away from Bangkok!

14 Incredible Things To Do in Udon Thani – Only an Hour Away from Bangkok!

From temple-hopping to chasing waterfalls, there is something for everyone in Udon Thani!


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Wondering where to go for a short weekend getaway? You might want to consider that quick vacation to Thailand! This time, why not skip the tourist trappings of Bangkok and venture to its hidden gem cities instead? Recently, Thai Vietjet has announced new routes to one of the cities in its northeast regions: Udon Thani.  

Udon Thani is the main city of transport and commerce in Thailand, with many unique temples and nature spots. Only an hour away from Bangkok, here are 14 things you can do when visiting the city!

1. Red Lotus Sea

Along the border of Laos and Thailand, lies a lake of water lilies and lotuses, which will leave you absolutely enchanted. Rent a boat to gain the full experience of being engulfed in different hues of pink and red. 

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Address: บ้านเชียงแหว, Tambon Chiang Wae, Chiang Haeo, Kumphawapi District, Udon Thani 41110, Thailand

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2. Khiri Wong Kot

If you want to experience rural Thailand life in its most authentic form, visit this village. It offers eco-activities that ensure its natural state is well-protected. 

Take in pristine fresh air as you hike around the Na Yung Nam som National Park and Namtok Huai Phang plantations. Now that you’re here, you have to try the local food – it’s an absolute delight! 

3. Rock Spa and Salt fields in Ban Dung

For those looking for some pampering, visit the Rock Spa and Salt fields in Ban Dung. Witness the salt-mining processes firsthand before putting your feet up for a well-deserved treat – your skin will be left glowing!

Image credit: iTravel Channel

Image credit: iTravel Channel

4. Phu Prabat Historical Park

History buffs should make at stop at this park if they’re in Udon Thani. According to archaeologists, Buddha’s footprints were found here. Visitors can also revel at the otherworldly rock formations and Buddhist statues that tell shed light on humanity’s storied past. 

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Address: Mueang Phan, Ban Phue District, Udon Thani 41160, Thailand

5. Wat Pa Phukon

A true sight to behold, this temple lies on top of a mountain, giving visitors amazing views and photo opportunities. It hosts a reclining buddha statue that is made from Italian marble. 

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Address: 99 หมู่ที่ 6 Ban Kong, Na Yung District, Udon Thani 41380, Thailand

6. Ban Chiang

A Unesco World Heritage site, Ban Chiang is home to artefacts and human skeletons, dating back to prehistoric times. Visitors will be able to see that this place is well-known for its red pottery. 


Image credit: Thaizer

Image credit: Gary Todd

Address: Nong Han, Nong Han District, Udon Thani 41320, Thailand

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7. Erawan Cave

Some sights are worth climbing for – especially if you’re looking for the perfect gram shot. To get into the Erawan Cave, you have to ascend a fair bit of stairs to reach its entrance. It is guarded by a Budhha statue and within, there are so many majestic formations for you to discover. 

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Address: Nong Bua Lamphu 3012 Rural Rd., Na Kae, Na Wang District, Nong Bua Lam Phu 42220, Thailand

8. Huay Luang Waterfall

Easily accessible from Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park Office, this waterfall is one of the tallest in the northeast region of Thailand. With emerald green water and a sandy beach, this is a great spot for swimming or simply chilling out with nature. 

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Address: Na Chaluai, Na Chaluai District, Ubon Ratchathani 34280, Thailand

9. Thai-Chinese Cultural Center

To learn more about the Chinese people who settled in Udon Thani in the early years, visit the Moral Museum. If you’re there on Mondays or Tuesdays, be sure to catch the Orchestra shows happening on these two days only!

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Address: 888 ถนน San Chao Neramit, Mak Khaeng Sub-district, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand

10. Chao Pu-Ya Shrine

This shrine sits along the Nong Bua Lake and is picture-perfect with its colourful pavilions and oriental architecture. The rustic atmosphere will make you feel that you’ve time-travelled to ancient times. Look out for the 99-metre-long golden dragon if you’re there in December – the grandiose beast will be out for the Thung Si Mueang Festival.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Address: Nittayo Rd, Mak Khaeng Sub-district, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand

11. Wat Pothisomphon

Unlike those around Thailand, many buildings here have dragon-like structures – adopting a Laotian architectural style. This place is also renowned for its twenty-first-century pagoda that is truly a sight to behold. 

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Address: Ban Lueam, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand

12. Usotel Waterland

For a quick dip and some fun in the water, head to the Usotel Waterland. With twirling slides and a relaxing lazy pool that goes circles the entire area, kids will have endless fun here.

Image credit: Usotel Waterland

Address: 288/8 Phibun, Ban Lueam, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand

13. Nong Prajak Park

Known as the most popular park within Udon Thani’s city, you’ll be treated to massive ‘rubber’ ducks floating on the lake here. If you’re a fan of night markets, you’d have a ball in the evening when pop up shops open. You can even get a massage while watching the sunset.

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14. Udon Thani Museum

Last, but not least, visit the Udon Thani Museum to learn all about the history of the city – cultural heritage, archeology, art, culture, tradition and lifestyle of locals.

Image credits: Udon Thani Museum

Address: Pho Si Rd, Mak Khaeng Sub-district, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand

Website: https://www.museumthailand.com/th/museum/Udon-Thani-Museum

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