The Olympic Village Cardboard Beds Will Be Donated for a Greater Cause

The Olympic Village Cardboard Beds Will Be Donated for a Greater Cause

Maybe this was their plan all along.

Last July 2021, the Olympic beds in Japan made headlines because they were dubbed as anti-sex beds for being made out of cardboard. Athletes on TikTok started that conversation by assuming the Japanese authorities wanted to discourage sex during the Olympics. That speculation was quickly debunked by Olympic fans who actually did the research. 

They discovered that the Japanese company called Airweave made the beds recyclable in an effort to be more environmentally responsible. So two months later, the Olympic “anti-sex beds” are finally going to be sent to another facility. 

Where the Olympic beds are going

According to Osaka governor Hirofumi Yoshimura, the Olympic beds used in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be sent to a temporary COVID-19 facility to be set up by the Osaka Prefectural Government. Airweave agreed to send the cardboard beds to Suminoe Ward where Intex Osaka, a large-scale exhibition hall, will start medical operations at the end of September. 

“We are very grateful to be able to use the high-quality beds used by the Olympians,” the governor told reporters. 

Out of the 1,000 beds in this medical facility, 800 will be the cardboard beds previously used in the Olympic Village. These beds will be used by patients who have mild to no symptoms. Patients with moderate symptoms will use the other 200 beds, which have installed medical functions. The donated Olympic beds will come with mattresses and pillows developed for athletes. 

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So there you go, nothing ever goes to waste in Japan. From the Olympic medals made out of electronic scraps to the Olympic beds that are now going to be used for a noble cause, Japan always finds ways to keep their waste to a minimum. Can the rest of the world follow suit, please?

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