The Internet Reaction to Steve on Blue’s Clues 25th Anniversary!

The Internet Reaction to Steve on Blue’s Clues 25th Anniversary!

Did you miss him too?

Millennials and everybody younger are all familiar with Blue’s Clues. We grew up with that show, and we grew up with different hosts. But coming from the generation that was the first to love Blue’s Clues, we speak for everyone when we say: Nobody has come close to Steve Burns! 

We all remember that fateful episode where he left us to go to college, passed the torch, and gave Blue to Joe, his brother in the series. It felt sudden. It felt strange. It felt like his goodbye wasn’t nearly good enough, and we were forced to live with it… until now. On 8 Sep 2021, Blue’s Clues celebrated its 25th year (feel old yet?). To commemorate the milestone, Nick Jr. invited Steve Burns back to do a little heart to heart spiel, and everybody on the Internet started weeping. 

In the two-minute-long video, Steve finally addressed how abrupt his departure and goodbye in 2002 was. He said he wanted to talk about it, and he reassured his viewers that he never forgot about us in all these long years. After 19 years of being left in the dark, we finally got the closure we deserved from Steve. The full video has more than 10 million views on Twitter as of writing. Watch it here

The video has also earned thousands of shares both on Facebook and Twitter where all of Steve’s fans shared in mutual peace of mind after so many years. Here’s how the fans on the Internet reacted!

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The Internet reaction to Steve

First of all, Steve trended on Twitter with the teary-eyed emoji

This is also the first time Twitter users are realising that emojis can trend now.

This Twitter user pulled the words straight out of our mouths

The closure we didn’t know we needed, as other Twitter users put it.

It was a much-needed video as people reminisced how Blue’s Clues was never the same after Steve left

Safe to say that Steve made a very strong impression on every kid back in the day.

Another fan appreciated that Steve pointed out how much his former audience must have changed by now

Are you one of those people who used to watch Steve and now have children watching Blue’s Clues too?

One fan even considered Steve’s departure as their first-ever break-up

Raise your hand if you had a childhood crush on Steve!

Some were simply happy to hear encouraging words from an old friend

In the video, Steve also tells the viewers, “You look great, by the way,” as if he could actually see his old audience too. Thanks for being so kind, Steve!

While others just let the tears fall

Seriously though, after we watched the video for ourselves, it did bring a tear or two in our eyes.

This fan expressed how Steve’s decision to leave eventually became relatable as they grew older too

Ah yes, by now, we all understand why Steve had to leave and go to college because we’ve had to make the same type of decisions for ourselves over the years. We’re glad the show had two more hosts after him!

And let’s be honest, seeing Steve on our timeline is the social media cleanse we were looking for

Bye, toxic Twitter. Hello, long lost friend! 

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The outpour of emotions on social media just goes to show how much Steve Burns is still loved by his Blue’s Clues audiences from around the world. There was no better way to kick off Blue’s Clues’ 25th anniversary than to have Steve Burns trigger an Internet reaction so strong that people forgot about the pandemic even just for a while. Thanks for the closure, Steve. But most of all, thanks for the memories. 

Featured image credit: Nick Jr. | Official Twitter Page

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