Temporary Housing in Seattle: Where to Find Corporate Housing

A Guide to Temporary Living in Seattle

Everything you need to know about long-term stays in the Emerald City.

Seattle is an incredible city with warm, welcoming residents, fantastic food, incredible natural beauty, and an abundance of enjoyable activities. Even those who only spend a short while will find that Seattle has a lot to offer. However, moving to a new city comes with new sets of challenges. Seattle’s official Newcomer’s Guide is a helpful resource for moving into the city. You’ll also find these tips helpful if you have to move in there temporarily for a break or business.

What to know about temporary and corporate housing in Seattle

1. Housing in Seattle

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Downtown Seattle is mainly populated with apartments, so if you want to live in a house, they will primarily be located in the suburbs outside city centres. Note that houses are less readily available as rentals and cost more. 

Airbnb provides you with a wide range of suitable corporate housing possibilities, but it often does not ensure privacy protection, and hosts often cancel reservations. Airbnb lacks the reliability people want for temporary but extended stays. You may want to look for other options in such scenarios.

Extended-stay hotels are abundant in Seattle and provide a variety of hotel amenities. However, long-term lodging can be expensive, and you can’t cook yourself, which adds to the costs. They are typically smaller and less equipped for everyday life than corporate rentals. Some extended-stay hotels do not allow pets too. We recommend considering renting a furnished apartment. ECH can provide you with multiple executive rental options in Seattle if you intend to stay for 30 days or more stays.

2. Dining in Seattle

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Seattle is renowned for its fine beverages and varied foods. Since the city is the birthplace of the renowned Starbucks chain, you can indulge in the most expensive and specialized coffees that it offers in the Roastery and Tasting Room. Seattle’s top light bean roaster, Elm Coffee Roasters, is situated in Pioneer Square

You can also explore the expanding microbrew beer culture in the Pacific Northwest. For various craft breweries, check out the Fremont and Ballard neighbourhoods. Visit Volunteer Park Café in the Capitol Hill district for their famous caramelised banana brioche French toast for breakfast. And for a delectable lunch, try the Ballard neighbourhood classic: The Walrus and the Carpenter, known for their delicious Oysters and tallboy beers.

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3. Seattle’s tourist spots

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Seattle is known for its diverse and unique tourist locations, like the Space Needle. This landmark symbolizes the city’s innovative and forward-thinking culture. Its observation deck also offers an incredible view of the Seattle skyline. At the top, there are interactive digital components and a spinning restaurant. Another famous place is the Seattle Great Wheel – a centrepiece along the vibrant promenade. 

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For a day in the water, visit the Washington State Ferries. The boats go to locations all across the Puget Sound region. Be careful to research the fascinating itinerary in advance. Pike Place Market is another coastal location that draws tourists from all over the world. You’ll see the renowned fish markets, numerous mouth-watering restaurants, and the Gum Wall. You can add your piece of gum to the intriguing public artwork.

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Go to Melrose Market if you want something a little off the beaten path; it has a beautiful selection of eateries, cocktail bars, and shops. You can visit Mount Rainier to enjoy outdoor recreation in the mountains. The peak is an active volcano with routes that include subalpine wildflower meadows, historic forests, and stunning waterfalls. Another place to enjoy the outdoors is Green Lake. Enjoy the 2.8-mile walking and bike trail around the lake, the athletic grounds, and the opportunities for swimming, boating, and other water activities.

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Moving into another city, even temporarily, can be stressful. Make sure to reserve your living place before moving to avoid hassle later on.  Try your best to explore the city and visit all the famous Seattle landmarks and markets. 

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