Meet Tama - The Su-purr Stationmaster in Wakayama, Japan

Meet Tama – The Su-purr Stationmaster in Wakayama, Japan

Tama is not your average stationmaster, she is a su-purr stationmaster! Read on to learn about her incredible feat of generating USD 10 million for Japan!

Meet Tama.

Tama was the appointed station master of Kishi Station, a railway station in Wakayama prefecture, Japan. And that’s right, Tama is a cat!

Tama is no ordinary cat – she saved an entire railway company from the edge of bankruptcy! Wakayama Electric Railway saw a sharp boost in train ridership after Tama was named the “Super Stationmaster” of one of its operating stations. People from all over the world – especially Hong Kong and Taiwan – as well as Japanese tourists from other prefectures flock enthusiastically to Wakayama just to take a glimpse of this calico. It’s hard not to see why Tama is receiving so much attention – she exudes irresistible charisma in her stationmaster’s hat!

Riding on her cuteness and all the publicity, Tama rejuvenated the once struggling economy of Kinokawa town. She single-pawedly generated a staggering USD 10 million for the town in a short span of five years! She’s probably considered to be more capable than most of us here. Watch this two-minute video to find out what happened:

In recognition of Tama’s valuable contribution, a customised train plastered with cartoonised Tama was introduced in 2009!

Image credits: Wakayama Dentetsu

This gal is a rising star. Watch how adorable this mini celebrity is in this advertisement for Alfac!

Last April, Tama celebrated her 15th birthday.

As old age catches up on her, a successor was appointed to take over her role as the stationmaster of Kishi Station in 2010. Say hi to Nitama! (Literally, second Tama.)

Tama is now the station’s executive operating officer. She’s even sporting a new cap now!

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Image credits: @tamaekichou, @ekichoTAMA

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