Farmer Opens Sunflower Fields in Wisconsin to Help Beat Pandemic Blues

A Wisconsin Farm Opens Sunflower Fields to Help People Beat Pandemic Blues

The family-owned farm allows you to pick your own sunflowers and bring them home!

In case you missed it, sunflower fields in Wisconsin make for popular day trips! But the recently bloomed sunflower fields at Kenosha County’s Thompson Strawberry Farm are set apart from the rest because they were planted to help visitors beat pandemic blues.

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sunflower fields in wisconsin

Image credit: Thompson Strawberry Farm Official Facebook Page

In a media interview, owner Scott Thompson explained that they just wanted to make people happy in these trying times. “As the season went on, the pandemic never went anywhere … and we thought people might be looking for something to do, and what a great way to social distance and… smile, basically,” Thompson told CNN.

From pumpkin patches and berry-picking to sunflower fields in Wisconsin

thompson strawberry farm in wisconsin

Image credit: Thompson Strawberry Farm Official Facebook Page

The Thompsons have been farming on their property in Bristol, Wisconsin for more than 70 years now. Prior to planting over two million sunflowers on a whopping 22 acres of land, Thompson Strawberry Farm was already well-loved. The pumpkin patch and pick-your-own-berries farm drew tourists from across the state with its picnic grounds, hands-on harvest activities, and vast fields.

People flocked to the farm in the summer for strawberry picking. Come fall, raspberries and pumpkins took centre stage. Now, visitors have another eye-catching attraction to look out for, as Thompson Strawberry Farm makes waves on social media for housing one of the most beautiful sunflower fields in Wisconsin.

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Thompson Strawberry Farm in Wisconsin

Image credit: Thompson Strawberry Farm Official Facebook Page

When the Thompsons knew that the world would be dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for a longer period, they just started planting the golden blooms. They initially wanted to create an airy, open space for people to escape the city and just destress; all while following COVID-19 protocols such as social distancing. The result? More than two million sunflowers spread across 22 acres of fertile farmland, which accounts for about 15 of the farms’ flower fields. Suffice to say, the scene is sunshine-y and breathtaking!

Bring sunflowers home with you

sunflower fields in wisconsin

Image credit: Thompson Strawberry Farm Official Facebook Page

Since the Thompsons opened their property for berry-picking and pumpkin harvesting, they applied the same concept to their sunflower fields. Now, visitors can drop by and pick their own sunflowers for a price — just a $25 entrance fee per vehicle. 

“One of the things that’s so cool about this is everyone is so happy. We get all these comments on Facebook, or if I’m out in the field, everybody is like, ‘Thanks for doing this,’ (and) ‘This is what I needed.’ People are so happy to be out there and have a place to go,” Thompson told CNN.

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Image credit: Thompson Strawberry Farm Official Facebook Page

What’s great about going this month (if you’re in the area) is that the sunflowers are blooming just as the harvest seasons for raspberries and pumpkins begin. Don’t forget to check Thompson Strawberry Farm’s official website and Facebook page before heading out, though, as schedules change depending on the rain situation. Fair weather makes for sunny skies, after all.

We’re pretty sure these sunflower fields in Wisconsin will brighten your day, in-person or even through any digital screen. If you’re planning a visit, just make sure to stay safe and move about responsibly!

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