[NSFWeak Hearted]: Insanely Terrifying Haunted Houses

[NSFWeak Hearted]: Insanely Terrifying Haunted Houses

Some horror houses in America take their patrons through extreme experiences for Halloween. How far would you go to scare yourself?

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Halloween is here once again and throngs of visitors in Singapore are heading to Universal Studios for their Halloween Horror Night. There’s nothing quite like getting into the spirit of Halloween (pun intended) than to give yourself a good spook.

If you survived the Halloween Horror Night without some paranoia, turning to check that there are no strange beings following you on the way home, then perhaps it just wasn’t disturbing enough. Here are some creepy haunted houses in America that are more or less guaranteed to get your heart jumping and your hairs standing on end.

Some of it are downright extreme, appropriately restricting participants based on certain requirements, and you’ll probably wonder why anyone would even put themselves through such a horrifying time.

#5 Fright Dome in Las Vegas

With 250 000 feet worth of haunted houses, scare zones and plenty of rides, including an indoor roller coaster, the Fright Dome in Las Vegas is a halloween theme park like no other. The incredibly brave souls can even enter the Isolated Haunted House alone, making their way through spooky labyrinthine corridors.

#4 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver

There’s a reason why some buildings have a missing 13th floor, and the place to find out is right here in Denver’s 13th floor haunted house. This year’s 13th floor is home to two haunted houses: Undead: The Possession and Dwellings of the Dead. One advice—don’t linger. Just run.

#3 House of Shock in New Orleans

This year being the last for New Orleans’ notorious House of Shock, visitors are guaranteed a smashing eerie time around this remote warehouse. The House of Shock is a full-fledged halloween festival with staged pyrotechnic and even a horror show. After roaming through a graveyard, funeral parlour, butcher’s shop, morgue and a satanic church with monsters lurking every corner, survivors can take a break at their full-service bar. I do wonder what they serve there.

#2 Blackout in New York City / Los Angeles (18+)

It’s dark. You’re half-naked, humiliated and scared. Blackout takes its participants through a terrifying journey wishing they never did sign that waiver form. They will be touched, even groped and man-handled. They call this an avant-garde “theatrical experience” and I have no doubt about that.

#1 McKamey Manor in San Diego (21+)

If I ever set foot into this haunted house, chances are, I’ll regret it sooner than expected. McKamey Manor in San Diego takes its daredevil patrons through an interactive haunting experience that can last for hours, and only two can go in at one point of time. Just watching the experiences of these people is rather horrifying. They are bounded, gagged and bloody. Imagine being stuck in a haunted house, facing terror, or what seems to be imminent gory death for that long. Halloween just got a lot more disturbing.

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