Real Struggles of Travel Junkies with Strict Parents

Real Struggles of Travel Junkies with Strict Parents

Are you a travel junkie with strict parents? You are not alone!

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In the ideal world, you can travel anywhere with anyone at any given time. But when your parents are as strict as mine, it’s never that easy to go out there and explore the world!

Do you have strict parents? I feel you! Here are REAL struggles we have in common!

Disconnecting when travelling? Absolutely not

For once, you’d love to turn off your phone, disconnect from the world for a day, and just be one with nature. But your parents just won’t have it. Just because they allowed you to go on your trip doesn’t mean you’re allowed not to call them for a day.

After climbing half day, your first order of business is not to pitch a tent or to cook a meal but to immediately search for a mobile signal just so you can call mom and dad to tell them that you arrived safe.

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Impromptu travels are pretty close to impossible

Sudden weekend roadtrip with friends means you have to fully explain the details to your parents—where you’re going, who you’re travelling with, what time you’ll arrive, etc., etc. As much as you’d love to experience the thrill of random trips, you know you’ll have to face the ire of your parents once you get back.

Travelling alone? They’d LOVE to go with you

The thought of exploring new cities by yourself or unwinding at a beach alone just with your book is a dream that’s still far from reality. Just try telling them that you want to try solo travel and they’d most definitely say that they’re coming with you.

Quiet afternoons at the beach and getting lost and finding your way by yourself will soon be replaced with crazy mornings trying to get ready with every member of your family present in the room.

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They complain when you’re not home on weekends

52 weekends of adventure? Not for you, unfortunately. Weekends are considered family day, and they’d love it if you stay home. Or at least go mallin’ with them! You at least try to go on small trips with them or out of town roadtrips with the whole family. But to do it weekly? Goodbye, savings! Heck, your monthly salary wouldn’t even suffice.

Some stories from your travels are better left untold

As much as you’d love to tell them everything you’ve done and share everything you’ve experienced, you’re pretty sure that some of the stories will terrify them more than amuse them.

You wish that one day they’ll be more open to hear your stories—how you walked next to a cliff, how you befriended strangers, how you managed to survive the impossible.

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Someday, you wish they’ll understand your constant need to explore. One day, they’ll let you go, because they know you’ll always come back. And hopefully, they’ll share your love for travel, because there’s so much of the world you want to see with them.

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