22 Bewitchingly Beautiful Photos of Wintry Japan

22 Bewitchingly Beautiful Photos of Wintry Japan

Encounter a whimsical, wintry wonderland when you travel to Japan in winter.

1. These snow monkeys know how to enjoy themselves in winter. But do you?

Image credit: Yosemite

2. Do you really?

Image credit: SITS Girls

No, you don’t, until you’ve soaked in an onsen in the middle of winter.

3. You know what’s better than Japan’s peaceful zen gardens? Gardens covered in snow.

4. Am I in a fairytale anime?

Image credit: Kounosu

5. Or did I enter a time portal that took me back to ancient Japan?

Image credit: Candicelin

6. And check out this bizarre ancient tradition…

Image credits: www.city.tome.miyagi.jp

7. In winter, you can experience marvellous festivals and stroll along giant snow-sculpted structures!

Image credit: SteFou!

8. Boo! Did you really think Japan is dead in winter?

Image credit: Jeff

9. Think again!

Image credit: sharonang

10. Winter isn’t just about desolate (and beautiful) mountains

Image credit: tpsdave

11. Nor is it about riding gondolas up those mountains…

Image credit: Unsplash

12. And boring snowboarding….

Image credit: longneckerunlimited

13. And skiing…

Image credit: MIKI Yoshihito

14. It’s also about CHRISTMAS!!

Image credit: Live Action Hero

15. *Ecstatic child-like laughter*

Image credit: Norio NAKAYAMA

16. The Japanese take Christmas VERY seriously and you will be dazzled by the light displays

Image credit: OiMax

17. Seriously, winter isn’t sad and dreary as you might think…

Image credit: torne (where’s my lens cap?)

18. It can be unexpectedly lively!

Image credit: Daderot

19. There are tons of hot dishes that taste best in wintry Japan, like oden oden

Image credit: Opponent

20. Have you tried eating cup noodles in the dead of winter? It’s 10 times more delicious. Now imagine having actual sukiyaki instead.

Image credit: cyclonebill

21. Urban Japan is also that much more stunning covered in snow

Image credit: Reginald Pentinio

22. So let’s go, snow bunnies, on an epic ice-adventure through Japan!

Image credit: Fg2

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