This is How Street Food Looks Like in Different Parts of Asia

This is How Street Food Looks Like in Different Parts of Asia

Delight your senses with these yummy treats. From Malaysia to Japan to Cambodia, Asian street food is a destination in itself.

Ever had a hunger pang in the middle of the night longing for mango sticky rice? Or an inconvenient craving of tteokbokki when there’s no signs of Korean food in the vicinity? Well, I’m sure we can all relate to dreaming about a country’s street food, especially after we’ve returned home from visiting those countries. Honestly, nowhere else does street food better than Asia.

So instead of trying to recall the glorious feeling when you sink your teeth into the succulent meat on a skewer, here are some photos to tempt (and torture) you instead.

Pad Thai, Thailand

Image credit: Takeaway

Coconut Ice Cream, Thailand

Image credit: imbrettjackson

KL Hokkien Mee, Malaysia

Image credit: Alpha

Penang Laksa, Malaysia

Image credit: Jonathan Lin

$1 Ice Cream, Singapore

Durian, Singapore

Image credit: Francis Chung

Samosa Salad, Myanmar

Image credit: David Russo

Mont Lin Ma Yar, Myanmar

Image credit: Alex Schwab

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Murukku, India

Image credit: SR Sasikumar

Naan (with butter chicken), India

Image credit: Samad Jee

Goreng Pisang, Indonesia

Image credit: ProjectManhattan

Satay, Indonesia

Image credit: Nicolas Mirguet

Tteokbokki, Korea

Image credit: Popo le Chien

Candy Cane Ice Cream, Korea

Image credit: Nathan Cooke

Lu Wei, Taiwan

Image credit: Aaron Shumaker

Bubble Tea, Taiwan

Image credit: orangebrompton

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Bahh Mi ,Vietnam

Image credit: Chris Goldberg

Phở ,Vietnam

Image credit: Khánh Hmoong

Egg Tart (Dan Ta), Hong Kong

Image credit: Philip Wong

Egg Waffle, Hong Kong

Image credit: Alpha

Fried Spaghetti, Japan

Image credit: omefrans

Takoyaki, Japan

Image credit: tab2_dawa

Balut, Philippines

Image credit: Jerick Parrone

Fried Chicken Skin, Philippines

Image credit: Lala

Skewered Meat, Laos

Image credit: AG Gilmore

Grilled Fish, Laos

Image credit: shankar s.

Mee Cha, Cambodia

Image credit: Axel Drainville

Fried Cockroaches, Cambodia

street food asiaImage credit: Baron Reznik

Yes, I know… You wouldn’t exactly be left drooling at the sight of some of these pretty interesting street food found in the different parts of Asia. But hey, what’s life without trying a fried cockroach at least once right?

Which one is your favourite? If you have a favourite not featured in this list, put it down in the comment box below!

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