Squid Game Fans, Try the Dalgona Challenge at This Singaporean Cafe!

Squid Game Fans, Try the Dalgona Challenge at This Singaporean Cafe!

Care to test your survival skills (safely)?

Squid Game is undoubtedly one of the best shows on Netflix in 2021! In case you’ve yet to catch on, the South Korean thriller tells the story of a group of contestants who take part in a series of popular Korean childhood games. The winner walks away with a huge sum of money. Those who lose, however, are met with deadly consequences.

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A honeycomb for a latte

Squid game dalgona challenge

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One of the most popular scenes of the series comes in episode 3. During round two of the game, the contestants are each given a dalgona, a traditional honeycomb snack with a shape in the middle. Their objective was to carefully separate the shape from the rest of the snack without breaking it.

Though it sounds easy on paper, I’m sure that episode kept many of us on the edge of our seats! Well, if you think you can do better than the characters in the show, here’s your chance to prove it! Situated on Orchard Road in Singapore, Brown Butter Cafe is offering customers a chance to take part in their own “Dalgona Challenge”!

Just like in Squid Game, the rules are simple: You’ll be given a honeycomb and the objective is to separate the shape from the rest of the snack without breaking it. If you manage to do it within the set time period, you get a free latte! We’re not told what happens if you fail though -shudders-.

Check out a video of the challenge here!

Practise makes perfect

dalgona set

Image credit: Lazada SG

The Dalgona Challenge at Brown Butter Cafe starts on 29 September. However, if you’re the kind who likes to practise beforehand, we’ve got a solution for you. Sure, there are many ways to make dalogona (not the viral 2020 coffee), but the easiest way is to use the right tools.

This Dalgona Set comes with stainless steel push plates, a ladle, and shape frames to help you recreate the same snack you see in the drama. All you need then is sugar and some baking soda, and presto, instant honeycomb! It even has an automatic handheld frother for those who crave Dalgona Coffee!

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So, will you be taking up the Dalgona Challenge anytime soon? Plenty of people have already taken to TikTok to show their successful (and not-so-successful attempts). Care to hop on the trend?

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