'Squid Game' Accused of Plagiarising Japanese Movie 'As the Gods Will'

‘Squid Game’ Accused of Plagiarising Japanese Movie ‘As the Gods Will’

People have an issue with 'Squid Game' — they've seen it before.

Movies and shows about survival games aren’t new. The millennial generation has watched it in films like the Hunger Games and Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire, and now everyone’s watching it again in Squid Game. Despite the fact that this K-drama’s concept isn’t new, the execution and storytelling remain unique… right?

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Squid Game accused of plagiarising Japanese movie

Image credit (L-R): Squid Game; As the Gods Will | Official IMDB pages

Netizens have noted that Squid Game actually has striking similarities with a 2014 Japanese movie called As the Gods Will. Specifically speaking, the episode with the Red Light, Green Light game appeared to be very similar to the Japanese movie’s deathmatch, where students instead of adults, try to beat the clock while freezing when a giant doll head turns towards them. 

Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk denied the accusation saying there was no connection between Squid Game and As the Gods Will. In an interview, he said, “I started planning Squid Game in 2008 and began writing the script in 2009 (…) the similarities that were pointed out are purely coincidental and there is no copying from either party. I don’t want to [claim ownership] of the story but if I have to say it, I’ll say that I did it before As The Gods Will.”

Image credit (L-R): Squid Game; As the Gods Will | Official IMDB pages

It seems that the director’s reply didn’t sit well with other netizens as they said he didn’t properly address the issue because there was more than one similar scene. According to Today, one critic even said, “Having multiple overlapping scenes suggests that he knowingly shot them the same way. Copying another show’s cinematography is just too obvious.”

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What do you make of this speculation about Squid Game plagiarising from As the Gods Will?

Featured image credit (L-R): Squid Game; As the Gods Will | Official IMDB Pages

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