SkyUp Stewardesses Are Now Allowed to Wear Loose Pants and Sneakers

SkyUp Stewardesses Are Now Allowed to Wear Loose Pants and Sneakers

These look so comfy!

Let’s be real, no matter how immaculate and glamorous women flight attendants look in uniform, tight skirts and heels will always be uncomfortable clothes to travel in, especially on a plane. With that in mind, the Ukrainian airline called SkyUp has redesigned the uniform of their flight attendants to make it more comfortable. Enter: Flowy pants and designer sneakers!

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SkyUp’s new uniform for women flight attendants

To provide their flight attendants with more comfortable clothes, SkyUp didn’t just ditch the skirt and heels, they partnered with Ukrainian fashion brand GUDU. This brand helped SkyUp achieve its vision of embracing the transformation of social norms. According to a SkyUp representative, “The new uniform is based on the idea of ​​dynamics and movement, so instead of suits with skirts, women will have trouser suits with a more sporty cut.”

The new stewardess uniform is a loose-fitting tangerine two-piece suit. SkyUp stewardesses also have the option to wear a light trench coat made of Italian leather and a silk scarf over the shoulder. Previously, the scarf was tied around their necks. Even better is that the airlines’ choice of sneakers for their stewardesses is the ergonomic NikeAir!

GUDU also believes that this new style will have a positive impact on the well-being of SkyUp flight attendants who have to keep moving and spend the whole day on their feet. 

The flight attendants have also been given the green light to apply lighter makeup while just emphasising the eyes with soft orange and blue. To top it off, SkyUp has approved more hairstyles that their attendants can sport.

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According to the official SkyUp Facebook page, this new look is called SkyUp Champions. “The one that reflects the spirit of modernity and is based on the idea of movement,” said the post. As passengers, we’re definitely on board with the idea of making our flight attendants feel more comfortable on our flights. After all, they’re the ones who really make each flight cosy and bearable!

All images credited to SkyUp Airlines | Official Facebook Page

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