More Employees in Singapore Can Return to Workplace on 5 April

More Singaporeans Can Return to Workplace on 5 April

Up to 75 percent of staff can return to the workplace at any one time.

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Come 5 April, more employees in Singapore may return to their workplace. This announcement came as the country looks into easing COVID-19 measures already in place. 

Under this new regulation, up to 75 percent of staff can return to the workplace at any one time. This is an increase from the 50 percent cap in the previous months. 

“The country will shift from working-from-home as a default mode to a more flexible and hybrid way of working,” COVID-19 multi-ministry task force Lawrence Wong shared in a press conference. 

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With more employees in Singapore returning to the workplace, here are some important things to take note of:

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  • There will be no limit on the time an employee can spend at the workplace.
  • Employers should vary start and end times of staff to avoid peak timings. Additionally, they should permit flexible work hours for employees who may choose to split their working hours between the office and home. This would help to reduce interactions at the workplace and crowding at public spaces.
  • Split-team arrangements no longer necessary but companies can adopt them for business continuity purposes.
  • Virtual meetings should be the way forward as far as possible.
  • Team bonding gatherings are permitted. However, they must be limited to not more than eight people as per prevailing safe distancing rule.
  • Work-related events are allowed but with no more than 50 persons. On top of that, attendees must maintain a physical distance of at least one metre apart from one another. Meals must not be the focal point of such events as such they should companies should avoid holding them during mealtimes.
  • Employers must ensure adequate supplies of facial masks, cleaning agents, and disinfectant agents.
  • Employers must continue to uphold safe management measures such as regular cleaning of common spaces, demarcating safe physical distancing, and mask wearing at all times.

On top of changes to workplace rules, Singapore is extending its vaccination programme to residents between 45 to 59 years old. Additionally, it is easing cap on events from 24 April. 

  • Wedding receptions can now receive up to 250 guests with pre-covid testing (an increase from the previous 100 attendees limit).
  • Live performances at designated venues can accommodate a total of 750 attendees with pre-covid testing.
  • Visitor cap for wakes and funerals on the day of burial or cremation will increase to 50 from the previous 30.


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