Musings of Every Kiasu Singaporean When Packing for a Trip

Musings of Every Kiasu Singaporean When Packing for a Trip

The struggle of a 'kiasu' Singaporean is real... or is it?

We all have our own quirks and idiosyncrasies when we prepare for an overseas trip. For example, a friend of mine packs weeks, months even, in advance. Another packs his bags just 5 hours prior to his flight. And of course, we have different concerns and thoughts when doing our packing. See if you can identify with some of these kiasu thoughts below!

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1. “Are 5 sets of clothes plus 1 set of sleeping clothes enough for a 4D/3N trip ah?”

Image credit: Yair Haklai

2. “Must remember to pack all the medicines – charcoal pills, po chai pills, lozenges, water purification tablets, tiger balm, axe oil, normal panadol, flu panadol, extra-strength panadol… JUST IN CASE. ”

Image credit: Steven Depolo

3. “Oh yah, plastic bag and waterproof everything, JUST IN CASE it drops into the sea or it rains!”

Image credit: BugZip

Although, granted it is a legit consideration, especially when you’re going on a cruise.

4. “Ah boy ah, go get me more NTUC plastic bags! JUST IN CASE we need to use them over there!”

Image credit: Pinterest

5. “Have I packed ALL my (portable) chargers?”

Image credit: Andrea Dekker

6. “Oh and extra SD cards too! JUST IN CASE.”

Image credit: Meme Generator

Because if your 32GB SD card runs out of space?

7. “Swimming costume! Not that we ever go to the hotel’s swimming pool, but y’know, JUST IN CASE.”

Image credit: Prayitno

8. “Eh, eh, must also pack in one extra duffel bag! JUST IN CASE we buy too much and have nowhere to put them!”

Image  credit: Bdcousineau

9. “Jialat! Cannot close! EVERYONE come sit on it!”

Image credit: Which? Conversation

10. “Okay, so maybe I might have over-packed by a teeeeeeeeny little bit… Time to repack.”

Image credit: Meme-Images

11. And finally, when all the dust has settled and the packing is done:

Image credit: Meme Generator

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Well, that’s that! How are your packing adventures and musings like? Let me know in the comments below! Meanwhile, I’m off to do some packing for my upcoming trip… next year!

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