No Quarantine for Approved Travellers on Singapore-China Fast-Lane

No Quarantine Required for Approved Travellers on Singapore-China Fast-Lane Arrangement

Travellers on Singapore-China fast-lane arrangement must undergo two COVID-19 swab tests – one in their country of residence and another in the destination country.

Singapore and China recently announced a fast-lane arrangement. The travel bubble will help facilitate business and official trips between the two countries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As of now, the new scheme, which will start on 8 June, will only apply to flights between Singapore and six provinces in China, namely Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It will gradually expand to include more provinces. 

Under this new fast-lane arrangement, travellers on both sides will not have to serve the mandatory quarantine periods of up to 14 days.

However, they must undergo two COVID-19 swab tests – one in their country of residence and another in the destination country. Users of the ‘fast-lane must pay for the costs of the above mentioned screenings.

 If they test positive upon landing in Singapore or China, they will be hospitalised and will have to bear the expenses of their medical treatment.

Other mandatory protocols

Residents in China entering Singapore via the fast-lane must be sponsored by either a company or a Singapore Government agency. The sponsoring company or government agency are to apply for approval from authorities on behalf of the traveller. An itinerary that the traveller will stick to must also be submitted.

Travellers entering Singapore must remain in isolation at a self-sourced declared accommodation while waiting for the test result. The place of stay must be at a non-residential address only.

In addition, travellers to Singapore must use the TraceTogether app throughout their stay. They may not utilise Singapore’s public transport system. To move about, they may only use private hire cars/taxis or transport arranged by their company.

“This is part of Singapore’s gradual reopening of our borders for Singaporeans and residents to conduct essential activities overseas and to allow safe travel for foreigners entering Singapore in limited numbers, with the necessary safeguards in place to ensure public health considerations are addressed,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Trade and Industry said in a joint statement. For a full summary of key measure released by the ministries, you can read the statement here.

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Travellers returning to Singapore from China

Image credit: Wengang Zhai

Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders returning to Singapore from China must monitor their health. On top of that, they must abide by the existing health measures.

They will have to present a copy of the letter indicating approval of their trip by the government authority in China to expedite immigration clearance on their arrival.

Similar fast-lane arrangement with other countries 

Singapore is in talks with South Korea, New Zealand and Malaysia to establish a similar travel arrangement. The COVID-19 situation in these countries remains under control. 

“As Singapore contains the COVID-19 situation on the health front, we must maintain our global connectivity to sustain our economic capacities and capabilities, built up painstakingly over the decades,” said Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing in a Facebook post on Wednesday. 

He added that effective COVID-19 prevention and control measures are important in such fast lane arrangements.

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