Thailand Might Soon Make Travel Insurance Compulsory for All Travellers

Thailand Might Soon Make Travel Insurance Compulsory for All Travellers

Tourism officials in Thailand are pondering over a proposal regarding mandatory travel insurance for all visitors.

Thinking of heading to Bangkok for a weekend shopping trip? Soon, you may need to factor in travel insurance to your usual expenses.

Thailand’s tourism officials are in talks about making it mandatory for all visitors to have travel insurance when visiting the country.

According to an article by the Bangkok Post, this proposal was submitted by a committee part of the Tourism and Sports Ministry in response to travellers racking up high costs of medical treatments in state hospitals. These hospitals often absorb the cost themselves if foreign patients are unable to pay their medical bills. The cost incurred to Thailand due to this issue is massive, approximating 3 billion baht a year.

While the plan is not approved by the cabinet yet, officials are already working with tourism operators to see how best to implement this new ruling once it is approved. Insurance distribution channels, such as automatic vending machines at international airports and land border checkpoints, are being considered.

Tourism is one of the largest industries in Thailand, accounting for about 17.7% of the country’s total GDP in 2016. A large number of tourists visit Thailand for adventurous activities such as mountain climbing and trekking.

This new implementation is not meant to be seen as an obstacle for travellers, but rather an added safety feature to ensure the well-being and peace of mind for all.  

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