McDonald’s Taiwan to Make 1,300 Service Crew Full-Time Employees

McDonald’s Taiwan to Make 1,300 Service Crew Full-Time Employees

They finally get two days off too.

We love a good fast food restaurant. But we stan a fast-food chain that takes care of its employees even more. McDonald’s Taiwan is definitely stepping up to that challenge as it’s recently announced the launch of a hiring drive that would recruit 1,300 full-time service crew!

Right now, McDonald’s Taiwan still has 200 managerial positions to fill and 1,300 vacancies for the service crew. Managerial roles have always been full-time positions and have had the standard benefits like paid leaves. But this is the first time ever that McDonald’s will be making their Taiwanese service crew full-time employees.

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According to Taiwan News, the new full-time service staffers will be paid NT$27,000 per month and can now enjoy 17 days of paid leave per year. They will also have two days off, one on a weekday while the other on a weekend. 

McDonald’s hopes that this move will raise the morale of its employees and lead to enhanced quality of service. There will be 25 interview events nationwide for McDonald’s Taiwan hiring drive. 

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This news really makes us miss Taiwan, its culture and its friendly people. The next time we visit Taiwan, we’ll definitely drop by their McDonald’s restaurants!

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