Abu Dhabi's Warner Bros. World Set to Welcome New Batman Rides

Abu Dhabi’s Warner Bros. World Set to Welcome New Batman Rides

Batman fans, rejoice! Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi will launch a special Batman-themed zone featuring immersive rides and interactive attractions on Yas Island.

Gotham City fans are in for a ride, literally! Abu Dhabi’s Warner Bros World will soon incorporate the hometown of fictional superhero, Batman, into their indoor amusement park premises. This new Batman-themed zone will feature adrenaline-pumping rides and incredible encounters with super-villains such as Two Face, the Joker, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and the Riddler!

Visitors get to become Batman for a day when they fight the infamous rogues of Gotham during the amusement rides. The Scarecrow Scare Raid, a flight simulator, gets riders through swivelling barrel rolls inspired by the torturous psychological experiments of the Scarecrow. The Riddler Revolution is a rocking and spinning roller coaster that is claimed to be “designed by the Riddler” himself.

The Joker’s Funhouse replicates what may be going on in the chaotic mind of Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker. Complete with experiences through the hall of mirrors, shrinking passageways, moving carpets and a “hallucinating hallway”, this might just be one of the creepiest attractions of all!

The highlight of Gotham City is Batman: Knight Flight. Test Batman’s new batwing vehicle as you blast out of the Batcave to experience the thrill of this high-speed ride. Riders aboard will be spinning, rolling and dropping through Wayne Manor and Gotham City, in this high-tech flight simulator boasting immersive scenery and special effects.

Rides aside, visitors feeling peckish can get to hang out and dine with the villains in themed restaurants, such as The Hall of Doom. From state-of-the-art rides to near-original replicas of iconic Gotham landmarks, Gotham City is a must-visit for ardent fans of Batman (or his enemies)! In the midst of Marvel dominated attractions around the world, the time has come for DC to shine!

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is set to open this summer on the man-made Yas Island.

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