Some Airlines Offer Secret First Class Seats You Probably Didn’t Know

Some Airlines Offer “Secret” First Class Seats That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Flying first class up in the sky is still very much alive.

By now, most airlines are gradually retiring their international first-class suites among their more recent aircraft. What used to be the epitome of commercial plane luxury (i.e., private jets don’t count) has now been swapped for more efficient business class seats. But hey, that doesn’t mean that the top-tier flying experience is going away for good. 

Did you know that many airlines offer “secret” first class seats? And you probably just didn’t notice it all this time! 

What are these “new first class seats?

Okay, so it might have been a while since you’ve last taken a flight. But remember how you first pass through business class upon boarding a large passenger plane? Next time, keep an eye out for the first row of business class seats — that’s where you’ll spot these hidden first class seats.

Often called front-row business-plus, these roomy suite-style arrangements offer more room, luxurious vibes, and hidden features. In an interview with CNN Travel, Anthony Harcup from design consultancy firm, Teague, shares what makes these seats truly extraordinary. 

“Business class seats get their density efficiencies by staggering or nesting passenger enclosures. [Usually], the feet of one passenger will nest under the side furniture of the passenger in front. The front row seat is free of any forward nesting passenger,” he said. 

What can you expect from this upgrade?

There’s often an extra space pressed against the wall at the front of the business class cabin — that could be repurposed to “house premium features and create more living space that transforms it into prime aircraft real estate,” according to Harcup. 

Such spaces could feature bigger entertainment screens, wraparound sofas, extra dividers, minibars, and even mini closets! Of course, these would depend on whether the airline is geared towards business or leisure travellers, or even family-oriented sets. 

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How can you book this type of business class seat?

Most international airlines refer to these secret first class seats as Business Plus, Business Suite, or perhaps something less obvious. So, you might wanna keep an eye out the next time you’re thinking of booking a flight — especially if it’s to a faraway destination, where you’ll need all the in-flight comfort you can get.  

“The extra space combined with additional features really pushes the seat into, and often beyond, traditional first-class offerings,” said Daniel Clucas of Acumen Design Associates in a similar CNN Travel interview. 

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With more and more Vaccinated Travel Lanes being launched, many travellers from Singapore can look forward to spending the holidays overseas. That being said, you might wanna consider getting these hidden first class seats on your next trip. After over a year of travel hiatus, you definitely deserve it! 

Featured image credit: China Airlines | Official Website

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