You Can Now Sleep on Double Beds in Qatar Airways’ Business Class

You Can Now Sleep on Double Beds in Qatar Airways’ Business Class

A private bedroom up in the air? This is now a reality in Qatar Airways’ Qsuite.

Hate long flights on cramped airplane seats? Qatar Airlines has just come up with the perfect solution to give passengers a home away from home, on par with a hotel in the air.

Qatar’s national airline has introduced double beds to its business class for its London to Doha route, which it claims will take passenger experience “to a new level”. They first announced Qsuites at a travel trade show in Berlin back in March, and it is now a reality.

This makes Qatar Airways the first airline in the world to roll out double beds for passengers, a move that will raise the bar for other airlines to surpass.

By simply removing privacy panels on Qatar Airlines’ daily Boeing 777 service departing from London’s Heathrow Airport, two passengers in adjoining seats can form double beds, creating a private bedroom with two entertainment screens inside.

The price tag? £1,600 for a seat, which adds up to £3,200 for a comfy bed during the 6 hours and 45 minutes flight. To complete the sleepover experience, an amenity kit and plush slippers are included.

Four passengers travelling together can also transform their seats to create a private area for dining, socialising or working in a group.  

“It is a revolutionary, brand new, game-changing product. If you’re travelling by yourself, you get privacy, particularly in one of our window seats, but our quads can be configured in a way that is very flexible and comfortable,” said Jonathan Harding, the carrier’s senior vice president for Europe.

Next up, the cabin which is dubbed Qsuite will be rolled out on Qatar Airways flights plying the Paris and New York route.

Already, Qsuites has garnered praise from the aviation industry. Alex Macheras, an aviation analyst, for instance, said QSuite is “the best business class in the skies today” and that he would “fly it over heaps of other first class products in the industry”.

All images are from Qatar Airways.

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