21 Best Quiet Cafes in Singapore for Digital Nomads

21 Quiet Cafes in Singapore for Digital Nomads

Is there a better pick-me-up than caffeine, pretty spaces, and cushy seats?

It’s a fact that we’ve seen a surge in digital nomads since the pandemic began. While working outside the office is great for the most part, it can prove mundane, especially if you’re used to working at home. So, perhaps it’s time for a change in scenery. Whether you’re an international traveller or a local remote worker, read on to find the best quiet cafes in Singapore!

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Best cafes to work in Singapore (Central)

1. The Glasshouse

Just a five-minute walk from City Hall MRT station and tucked away in the historic CHIJMES is The Glasshouse. Bright natural daylight, earthy decor, and sweet treats are what The Glasshouse is best known for. With their Basque Burnt Cheesecake as the only cake on the menu, the staff is confident they’ve aced the taste.

Most importantly, this cafe understands its purpose as a venue for work, so you won’t be asked to leave. Naturally, this is the place to be if you’re looking to skip the mental burnout.

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2. Kurasu Singapore

This earthy and zen cafe is inspired by the aesthetic sense of Kyoto and will inspire you while you work here. If you’re looking for plush cushion seats and good old brews, Kurasu Singapore is the cafe to work in Singapore. The hidden cafe is nestled at the corner of Waterloo Street, just around the corner from Bugis.

Chase your blues away in this white space and delight in good local dishes, craft shops, and galleries around the corner.

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Take a “SYIP” and nurse your coffee as you bask in the ambience of a brightly lit and sleek space. This work-friendly cafe in Singapore is known for their all-day brunch; it goes without saying that having brunch at any time of the day makes us inexplicably happy.

Also, take it from us foodies and try their kombu pasta, burrata toast, and tiramisu! Who says that you have to miss out on trendy (and quiet) cafes in Singapore if you’re a busy bee?

4. Wakey Wakey

You’ll be hard-pressed to find better coffee in other quiet cafes in Singapore. With a motto of serving delicious speciality coffee and curated food dishes, Wakey Wakey makes it hard to resist spending your entire day here.

Specifically, they’re loved for their waffles, so tuck into their signature Buttermilk Waffles as you eat the stress away. Without a doubt, the full-length windows create the best distraction for when you just need to look at anything but work.

P.S. — Yep, it’s here where you’ll find the current Singapore National Barista Champion Zenn Soon!

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5. Glyph Supply Co.

If it’s hidden cafes you’re searching for, you can be sure that this is the gem for you. Found in the revamped 111 Somerset (just across the iconic 313 Somerset), Glyph Supply Co. is the peaceful alternative to other busy cafes in the area. Definitely a great option for a cafe to work at in Singapore!

6. Brotherbird Coffeehouse

Love coffee, shopping, design, and aesthetics? Then head to Brotherbird Coffeehouse in the heart of Haji Lane. This quiet respite from the hustle and bustle is famous for its doughnuts, hybrid mochi croissants, and soft serve.

What’s more, they’ve amassed a cult following from their days before Brotherbird Coffeehouse when they served creative Asian fusion dishes. So, enjoy the highly-raved food before taking a stroll around the must-visit Haji Lane.

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7. Twenty Eight Cafe

You know what they say: The early bird gets the worm. Since the cafe opens at 7.30am, grab a morning coffee at Twenty Eight Cafe before you start your hectic day. Equipped with many power sockets and a 10-minute walk from Bencoolen MRT station, it’s the perfect work-friendly cafe in Singapore.

8. The Book Cafe

There’s nothing quite like the smell of coffee beans wafting as you’re immersed in the pages of a book. And, many locals seem to agree.

Granted several awards for Best Cosy Cafe in Singapore is The Book Cafe. What’s more, it’s been an alcove for bookworms and digital nomads for two decades. The cafe is consistently living up to its impeccable standards amidst other quiet cafes in Singapore. And, the all-day breakfast and plenty of charging points are topped off with a printer that’s complimentary for customers.

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9. The Coffee Academics

A speciality coffee concept from Hong Kong, The Coffee Academics opened its first store in Singapore at Scotts Square. You know it’s serious business when its roasted coffee has ranked highest in Asia and top three in the world under Coffee Review. Furthermore, it was featured in the Michelin Guide in Singapore in 2017. Smack in the middle of the financial district, this is the cafe to work in Singapore.

10. Guerilla Coffee

Home to the sparkling World’s first 3D customised slayer (or simply, espresso maker) machine, Guerilla Coffee is making waves in the coffee community. In addition, Guerilla Coffee has introduced Singapore’s first Tone 3 boilerless brewer, which basically means better coffee that’s made quicker.

Not only is the coffee strong (double shots is a basic), but it’s also a great cafe for work in Singapore, with its minimalist-theatre aesthetic — immediately putting customers at ease.

11. Toby’s Estate

Nestled along the banks of Robertson Quay, Toby’s Estate is where you go if you’re a serious coffee drinker. Arguably, the cafe offers the most scenic view: the picturesque Singapore River. And, having been established in 1997, it’s a well-loved cafe for work in Singapore.

After work, live up your TGIF with a drink around Singapore’s most bustling nightlife hub: Clarke Quay. After all, it’s only a 15-minute walk — just the time you need to clear your mind.

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12. Kith Cafe (Ascott Orchard)

Dreams do come true, because if you think the best cafes to work in Singapore are only open for a short period of time, think again. Kith Cafe opens from as early as 6.30am and closes as late as 10pm.

Also, as it’s just a 10-minute walk from iON Orchard, you won’t have to compromise on convenience for a conducive working environment.

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13. Huggs Collective

Huggs Collective flagship store at Maxwell is a large space with an outdoor pet-friendly seating area, members lounge, and mini-amphitheatre. The cafe is a collaborative space with brands like Fitmeal (salads, wraps, rice bowls), Denzy Gelato (gelato), and Commune (comfy furniture).

Doubling up as a coworking space, the cafe offers a members lounge that’s accessible through membership points (registration is free). But, it will cost five accumulated points (one point = S$1, so about the price of one drink) for every time you wish to use the lounge. There’s not much else you can ask from this work-friendly cafe in Singapore located in the CBD.

Work-friendly cafes in Singapore (Neighbourhood)

14. Genius Central

Say bye to scrambling for a seat with a charging point; there’s one for almost every seat at Genius Central. From single-person seats to long desks, there’s lots of space for you to get comfy. There are even offices to book here, so holding a meeting is easy peasy.

Apart from the conducive workspace, the food fuels you with lots of greens and organic foods. So, vegan or gluten-free customers can comfortably find a variety of suitable dishes.

15. For The People

There’s a charging point for almost every table at For The People! And that’s saying a lot, since the minimalist space holds 60 seats. So, you won’t have any nightmares about your laptop shutting down while drafting an important email or document.

Munch on tasty burgers and mozzarella sticks with sriracha salsa dip while you brainstorm and prep for calls.

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16. Starbucks Jewel

The sprawling cafe in Jewel Changi Airport is the largest Starbucks outlet in Singapore. Not only is it remarkable for its size, but it’s also remarkable for its other architectural and art features. For instance, the coffee bar is actually made to resemble a coffee bean!

The whole grand artistry of the two-storey space is topped up with the Art Room, which houses a special collection of original artworks typically found within Starbucks stores around Asia. Surely, being in the midst of remarkable art will get those creative juices flowing.

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17. Knockhouse Cafe

Familiar to many cafe-goers in Singapore, Thomson is where you head to for stretches of aesthetic cafes and quiet cafes in Singapore. Rebranded from the name Pacamara, Knockhouse Cafe has long been a favourite of students and residents of the area.

The best time to come is during non-peak hours when students and workers are busy at school or in the office. At these hours, hunting for a table here won’t be a problem.

18. Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee

When you aren’t glued to the screen, you’ll probably be glued to the numerous vinyl records at Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee. It’s self-introduced as “a place for coffee, beers & music lovers who have a penchant for anything funk and soul-inspired.”

Apart from the regular tables near the cashier, this cafe offers a coworking space that’ll be just what you need to get work done. Also, the cafe is great if you prefer cycling over other modes of transportation, as there’s a nifty bicycle stand outside.

19. Group Therapy Coffee

Hidden away in Katong V, Group Therapy Coffee is just what you need for a quiet space to do work. While you’re probably at the cafe for at least one meal, you’ve got to try the delectable Fish & Chips, which they’re highly praised for.

And, while quiet cafes in East Singapore are aplenty, Katong is the Peranakan enclave. So, make your way down the street to indie shops, Instagrammable shophouses, and Peranakan cuisine stores.

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20. Dewgather

Amidst a hubbub of offices and schools, the cafe occupies a space in Star Vista at Buona Vista.

The menu is specially curated by award-winning Melbourne-based chef, Joachim Lim. As a result, Dewgather is modelled after Australia’s unique coffee culture. The work-friendly cafe in Singapore has a gorgeous glass canopy with rose gold decor. And also, it’s hard to resist sampling their special coffee blend made by coffee roaster champion Kang Yi Yang and their interesting candy cotton french toast.

21. Atlas Coffeehouse

The last is for the westies! Just slightly down the same stretch as the iconic Starbucks along Bukit Timah road, Atlas Coffeehouse is an ideal cafe to work in Singapore to beat the crowd. This is also ideal for early risers as they open at 8am.

The industrial-themed cafe has made rounds on social media in the past for its stunning decor. To top it off, they serve the tastiest pastries and coffee.

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And, there you have it: the best cafes to work in Singapore! It’s not easy to find a space conducive for answering pesky emails or doing stressful tasks, so may this list of quiet cafes in Singapore be one less worry for you.

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