Keyaki Restaurant in Singapore Transports Guests to Kyoto, Japan

Keyaki Restaurant in Singapore Transports Guests to Kyoto, Japan

It's nestled in the heart of a stunning garden with a koi pond to boot.

With travelling out of the picture right now, many of us are looking for unique ways to quench our wanderlust. Make your way to Keyaki Garden Pavilion located in Pan Pacific Singapore to get a little slice of Kyoto, Japan – all without having to leave the little red dot. 

The private dining space overlooks a tranquil Japanese garden with a koi pond and a flowing stream to boot. It has a maximum seating capacity of 60. 

Scenery that will transport you to Kyoto

There, you can enjoy a sumptuous repast while revelling in the refreshing scenery. Pay attention to how the garden reflects harmony with nature and get a sense of the palpable serenity. Plus, feast your eyes upon the intertwining koi pond. It is a recurring feature in many gardens in Japan and the presence of it at Keyaki Garden Pavilion certainly adds on to the allure of the place. 

The mesmerising setting makes for a spectacular photo backdrop for the gram. You can certainly convince your followers into believing that you are overseas (if not for the travel restrictions). 

Not only is the surrounding landscape of the pavilion reminiscent of Kyoto, the interior adds to the illusion as well. It helps to know that the exclusive dining space is clad in traditional shoji-inspired screens complete with a moon gate. Stepping foot inside, you can admire the calming wooden interiors exuding a zen-like ambience.

The magical venue is available for use for a plethora of occasions including cocktail receptions and intimate weddings. Guests would be treated to an epicurean delight with a menu curated by chef Shinichi Nakatake. A true feat in the culinary world, he has years of experience under his belt and has mastered the traditional methods of Japanese cooking. 

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A distinct dining experience

A stone’s throw away is Keyaki Japanese Restaurant open to the public (via reservation). You can tuck into authentic Japanese cuisine and get an inkling on why it’s turning heads all over the globe. It has an array of dishes such as sashimi, teppanyaki and sukiyaki all made from the freshest of ingredients.  

The main restaurant also boasts a tatami-style private dining room perfect for a group of 6 and a western private dining room for 10 people.

If you’re yearning to visit Japan amidst this ongoing travel restriction, you know where to head to to satisfy your heart’s cravings for nostalgia!

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