6 Stunning Private Islands Near Singapore For Your Weekend Getaway

6 Stunning Private Islands Near Singapore For Your Weekend Getaway

Ready to unwind and relax on palm-fringed shores overlooking azure seas, while soaking in the serene environment? These secret islands near Singapore will definitely not disappoint!

As urbanites, we are always dreaming about our next escape to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city and of our routine work life. What’s a better place than a calm exotic island setting to relax in while indulging in tropical food and dipping in the seawaters?

Although visions of Maldives and Bora Bora may easily raid our minds when we speak of beach resorts and aquamarine seas, we cannot dismiss the fact that these places are teeming with tourists. But why travel far to experience the quiet island life when there are numerous private islands dotting the coasts of our regional neighbours?

These stunning private islands are not just hidden gems but also quiet getaways free from chattering tourists (and perhaps, even ringing phones)!

1. Pulau Joyo

Image credit: Bahia Boy

Situated in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, Pulau Joyo is a beautiful island paradise just a 3-hour ferry ride away from Singapore. Boasting white sandy beaches, blue waters and a variety of amenities for a comfortable stay, it is hard not to fall in love with this tiny island.

Accommodations are built as ‘beach palaces’ (traditional houses on stilts) and there are even a few Javanese jogolos located in close proximity to the beaches on the island. Why think about taking a long walk to the beach when the pool is in your backyard? Pulau Joyo also offers a myriad of activities on the island, such as water sports, outdoor games, spa, fireworks, bonfires and nature walks all of which can prove to be a whole lot of fun for the family!

The accomodations in the island can be booked individually or you could book the whole island if you are bringing a party of 45.

Booking rates start at S$402.50/night for an adult.

How to get there: Book a ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal. Thereafter, get to Pulau Joyo’s private dock via bus. A speed boat from the private dock should then get you to the island.

2. Pulau Pangkil

Image credit: Pulau Pangkil

Pulau Pangkil, sister island of Pulau Joyo, is an Indonesian private island resort catering specifically to large groups of people. Besides having traditional architecture and decor styles, Pulau Pangkil harbours 9 ‘palaces’ and a pool house, with 20 staffs waiting to take care of the guests’ needs. Groups can enjoy outdoor activities, indoor activities, learn to fish the traditional Indonesian way and enjoy picnics at nearby islands. If you are not up for some activity, there are hammocks everywhere on the island to relax under the sun.

Unlike her sister, Pulau Pangkil can only be booked as a whole island, thus functioning as the perfect setting for reunions, company retreats or even a destination wedding!

Booking rates start at S$3967.50/night for 10 adults. Incremental charges apply as number of guests exceed 10.

How to get there: After a ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bintan’s Tanjung Pinang Ferry Terminal, an hour bus ride should get you to Pama Jetty. Then, take a short boat ride to the island.

3. Telunas Private Island

private islands near singapore

Image credit: Bryn Pinzgauer

The Telunas Private Island is a tranquil paradise, a short escape from Singapore, located in the Riau Islands of Indonesia. Think clear turquoise waters and sandy beaches. Think spa sessions in open areas overwater at the shore. Think relaxing in sea villas on stilts with the sea breeze for company. Sounds good doesn’t it?

To enhance the tranquil experience on the island and to keep the city life at bay, there is no WiFi on the island. But fret not, the lack of WiFi will soon be forgotten as Telunas Island provides a plethora of activities for its  guests. Ranging from soaking in the island’s infinity pool, stargazing and dock jumping to jungle-waterfall trekking and traditional fishing/shrimping, the Telunas Private Island sure packs a lot of punch for its size!

Each sea villa can occupy 2 adults and can be rented at S$356/night on weekends. A maximum of 5 adults can stay in each villa with additional costs.

How to get there: Book a ferry from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to Sekupang Ferry Terminal, where an island staff will get you to the island, via boat.

4. Cempedak Island

private islands near singapore

Image credit: Cempedak

Yet another gift from Indonesia that’s located in the South China Sea, is the Cempedak Island. With rustic looking villas built of bamboos at the shores of serene beaches scattered with white boulders, this place simply  screams island paradise. But the serenity of the island does not just come from within, but it is also due to the island’s “no kids under 16” rule. Cempedak may not be ideal for family vacations, but it is definitely worth a visit as a couple! Apart from spas, water sports and activities, the island also urges visitors to explore its extensive marine life, coral reef and jungle wildlife. Splurging on a trip to the island doesn’t sound too bad, especially considering that the resort management is giving back to the neighbouring community through their charity called Island Foundation. Experience bliss without feeling guilty about it.

Room rate starts at S$500/night for the seaview villa over the weekends.

How to get there: Catch a ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to the Bintan Resorts. Get a taxi across Bintan to the jetty, followed by a speedboat ride to the island.

5. Ariara Island

Image credit: Ariara

Just 4 hours away from Singapore by flight, lies Ariara, north of Palawan. This pristine private island with beautiful beaches hosting guests, also serves as a sanctuary for diverse wildlife population in both land and sea. Apart from lounging in their cottages, guests can also engage in outdoor and water sports, such as snorkelling among the reefs and yoga. The accommodations with a traditional ‘hut’ look almost blends in with the environment, albeit with a contemporary touch for comfortability in the interior. With just 8 cottages/villas that can hold up to 18 guests at a time and a staff count of 30, it is safe to say that a vacation on the Ariara Island will very much be a luxurious and private affair.

Booking rates start at S$944/night for an adult in a small group of 6-8 guests.

How to get there: Catch a flight from Singapore to Manila. After which, you can either get a private helicopter to Ariara Island or get a domestic flight to Busuanga airport, followed by a short boat ride.

6. Batu Batu

private islands near singapore

Image credit: Philinn Ooi

Whisk yourself away to Malaysia’s hidden gem – Batu Batu – a beach resort on the private island of Pulau Tengah. Just 3.5 hours drive and ferry ride away from Singapore, this private island is home to 22 villas set in a traditional Malay ‘kampung’ style in the powdery white beaches, enveloped by nature. Diving and snorkelling sessions are available at the resort, along with kayaking, jungle trek and spa treatments.

As part of their nature conservation project, the management also offers guests the opportunity to watch turtle eggs hatching at their hatchery and other related activities during the Turtle Watch Camp. Batu Batu definitely offers a wildly different experience for the guests as they not only get to enjoy a relaxing stay at their beach villas, but also learn about environmental conservation while doing so.

Booking rates start at S$319 per weekend night for an adult. A minimum of 2 adults must be booked for the villas.

How to get there: Plan a road trip to Mersing by car, from Singapore. From Mersing jetty, you can get a boat to transport you to Batu Batu.

6. Singapore

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