Welcome the New Year by Planting a Tree in New Zealand

New Zealand to Welcome 2021 by Planting a “Forest of Hope”

You can even visit the tree you helped grow when you travel to New Zealand in the future!

After a disappointing 2020, one can only be optimistic and hope for a brighter new year! To propagate the idea of giving back to the environment and spreading holiday cheer, Tourism New Zealand is inviting the world to join in and plant a “Forest of Hope” together. 

plant tree New Zealand

Those interested can plant a tree in New Zealand at just NZD10, which stands at SGD9.40 based on the latest exchange rate. 

What is this initiative about?

This plant a tree initiative is in line with New Zealand’s Te Reo Maori values of manaaki and tiaki. They speak to the importance of having empathy and inspire people to care for others and place. 

plant tree New Zealand

Through this green pledge, the country aims to encourage international visitors to imbibe these values and begin the new year with positivity. Since trees are a symbol of life and growth, one can look forward to better times in 2021 by sowing a seed of hope. 

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How can you contribute to the “Forest of Hope”?

To take part in this initiative, visit the official website, and share your disappointments from the year 2020. Tourism New Zealand will help turn it into hope by planting a native tree. You can give back to yourself, gift the tree to a family member or friend, or even better the environment by purchasing a tree.

What’s more, you can even visit the tree you helped grow when New Zealand’s borders open again! Isn’t this a great way to connect with this beautiful country when travelling is not possible? 

Donated trees will be planted along the iconic Queenstown bike trail and in Waipoua Forest located in Northland. Visit their website to learn more about the initiative. So are you ready to plant a tree, hope for a better future, and make New Zealand more beautiful? 

Information extracted from a press release issued by Tourism New Zealand. 

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