5 Best Hot Springs in New Zealand for Soaking Your Worries Away

5 Hot Springs in New Zealand That Have Picture-Perfect Views!

Immerse in simmering goodness while soaking in the beauty of Aotearoa’s incredible landscapes.

Adrenaline junkies often head to New Zealand to seek out heart-pounding adventures they crave, such as jet boat rides, skydiving, and hiking. But did you know that New Zealand is also home to several relaxing hot springs? After an adrenaline-filled day, soak your muscle aches away and take your pick from these best hot springs in New Zealand!

1. Tekapo Springs

Steal a getaway to Tekapo Springs, tucked away in Lake Tekapo in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island. It boasts a steaming variety of three hot pools at 720m above sea level, each brimming  with therapeutic properties. Tekapo Springs’ hot pools are named after and shaped in honour of the Mackenzie Region’s iconic trio of lakes; Ohau, Pukaki, and Tekapo

Filled from an underground water source near Tekapo, the lake of Ohau has water curtains, while Pukaki features massage jets to relieve tired muscles. Meanwhile, wash your troubles away in Tekapo, the retreat’s hottest pool. If you are seeking a refreshing alternative, Tekapo Springs is also home to two cooler pools.

Imagine soaking in simmering goodness against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Tekapo. This is bound to revitalise even the most weary souls. As if this isn’t good enough, admiring the azure blue skies of the Mackenzie Region will most definitely lift your spirits! 

Fun fact: If you are lucky, you just might chance upon adorable bird residents such as the fantail and grey warbler!

Witness the island’s glorious orange Californian poppies burst into life just a stone’s throw from Tekapo Springs. If this isn’t a good enough reason to visit, we don’t know what is! 

Get an eyeful of the stars

Tekapo Star Gazing

Isn’t this breathtaking? | Image credit: Tekapo Star Gazing Official Instagram Page

If you are hoping to embark on a stargazing adventure, Tekapo Springs is your best bet too! In the city, you’d be hard-pressed to glimpse a few measly stars against the light-polluted skies. However, you can take solace in the stars here at Tekapo Springs after a long day of travelling. 

Marvel at what our wondrous universe has to offer, as you watch the world melt away to reveal a bed of stars twinkling against a pitch-black canvas. The best way to watch this spectacle is by floating on Tekapo Hot Springs’ inflatable beds. It’s easy to see why Tekapo Springs is one of the best hot springs in New Zealand. 

Fun fact: Even though we may be homebound for now, don’t fret! You can still experience the night skies come alive with stars with Tekapo Spring’s virtual stargazing tour.

2. Maruia Hot Springs

If you are growing weary of the hustle and bustle of city life, why not seek refuge at Maruia Hot Springs? Escape to this eco-resort at the foot of the mountain, as you dip your toes in natural mineral water that flows beneath New Zealand’s Southern Alps

This natural thermal mineral spring is blessed with lush greenery and rugged mountains at its doorstep. This speaks volumes about its moniker Maruia, which translates to “shelter” or “haven” in New Zealand’s indigenous language Maori

Fun fact: Being a sulphur spring with a pH of 7.3, its healing properties include soothing skin conditions such as eczema.

Not only does this wellness resort encourage physical well-being, it prides itself on uplifting emotional well-being as well. Its waters are an oasis of healing; they relieve stress and improve sleep. You can even partake in its Extreme Wellness Retreat. It is a six-day, five-night experience which cultivates mindfulness through wellness workshops, yoga, and even hiking. We daresay that this will be a rejuvenating experience like no other!

Fun fact: Don’t be surprised if you find that its waters change colours throughout the day! It is not uncommon for its pools to transform from crystal green, to milky grey, and even jet black. 

3. Hanmer Springs

If you are in the vicinity of Maruia Hot Springs, why not head down to Hanmer Springs? This sanctuary is merely a picturesque hour’s drive away. 

Many flock to its soul-warming waters for an authentic hot spring experience, and it is not difficult to see why! Nestled between patches of verdant greenery, its geothermal pools allow you to truly be one with nature. Spend a laid-back afternoon indulging in its relaxing rock and sulphur pools, or while your time away at its lazy river.   

If you are travelling with family, we definitely recommend exploring its family leisure area. Complete with hydroslides, the South Island’s largest aquatic thrill ride is sure to keep your kids entertained. 

On the edge of your seat? Not to worry, as you can now enjoy a virtual tour of its premises here.

4. Onsen Hot Pools

Overlooking the majestic Shotover River, Onsen Hot Pools offers a unique Kiwi twist on this intimate Japanese tradition. This hot spring complex perched atop a cliff against the sublime backdrop of mountains makes a good spot for those who crave peace and quiet.

Each of its 14 classic cedar-lined hot pools is able to accommodate up to four people; so you can also enjoy a splashing good time with your friends. If you are looking for a relaxing evening alone or with your better half, Onsen Hot Pools offers private oval tubs, too. It offers two types of experiences — the Original Onsen Experience and the Outdoor Onsen Experience

Original Onsen Experience

This is indisputably one of the highlights for locals and tourists alike. Simply press a button to activate its retractable roof, which allows you to convert your room from indoor to outdoors! 

Outdoor Onsen Experience

Hoping to unwind after an exhausting day of travelling? Dive into Onsen Hot Pools’ mineral pools that are rich in magnesium! This mineral component provides natural relief for muscle aches. Soothing physical treatment with a view; as travellers have aptly put it, this place is indeed one of New Zealand’s hidden gems.

5. Hot Tubs Omarama

Relish the tranquility of upper Waitaki, while submerged in pure mountain water. End your day with a dip in its healing waters, as you enjoy sweeping views of the vast mountain ranges.

Tip: At least an hour’s soak is recommended for your body to reap the full benefits and be relieved of muscle soreness. 

Don’t miss out on experiencing Hot Tubs Omarama through the different seasons! You will be pleasantly surprised by the comfort of basking in its warmth in the winter. On the other hand, cooling off in the summer doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

Fun fact: Used water irrigates surrounding land to support environmental sustainability. What a great way to save the Earth!

Not only does this wellness haven promise an invigorating hot spring experience; it offers therapeutic massages in the comforts of their dedicated massage suites. In addition, aromatherapy oils are applied to soothe muscle pain. 

Catch a glorious sunset

Bid the day farewell by catching a spectacular sunset, as the setting sun casts streaks of colours across the skies. We don’t know about you, but picturing this just rekindles our longing to travel.

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Even though we’re homebound for now, it doesn’t hurt to look forward to the day when we can tick New Zealand’s best hot springs off our bucket lists!

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