New Zealand creates new world map with itself as Middle Earth

New Zealand recreates new world map… with itself as Middle Earth

Tired of being left out of world maps, New Zealand re-imagines what the world map would look like... with itself at the center.

New Zealand might be famous for many things: rolling green fields, grazing sheep, stellar wineries, and of course, home to hobbits in Middle Earth.

Yet, despite this, it’s been repeatedly not included on world maps, apparently. And it’s clearly something that has not gone unnoticed either  – considering how there’s an actual Facebook page called ‘World Maps Without New Zealand’ dedicated to, well, world maps without New Zealand.

So how can a country similar in size to the United Kingdom and home to the Southern Alps (which is bigger than the entire European Alps – FYI), be mysteriously left out on world maps?

We’re afraid the answer is still up in the air on that one. A theory suggests that it’s because it’s an odd cluster of over six hundred very distinctively-shaped islands (one that looks like a chopped lamb apparently). You be the judge. 

Well, leave it to the trusty Kiwis to take things to their own hands. As part of the new #GetNZontheMap campaign launched by Tourism New Zealand this May, New Zealand has created an entirely new world map re-imagining itself right smack in the center… as Middle Earth, of course. Can you spot it?

The map was actually created by none other than calligrapher Daniel Reeves, who was also responsible for bringing to life the famed Middle Earth maps from the wildly-successful Lord of the Rings (LOTR) and The Hobbit franchises. 

The tourism campaign also unveiled a cheeky new video featuring Kiwi comedian Rhys Darby, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, British musician Ed Sheeran and knighted LOTR director Sir Peter Jackson. In the campaign, they seek to uncover the alleged conspiracy behind NZ’s disappearance off world maps. It’s worth a watch, trust us.

Singaporeans are, of course, no stranger to being left out on world maps. After all, if a country the size of New Zealand gets conveniently excluded from maps, what hope is there for our Little Red Dot? 

Which is why we’re putting the question out to there to Singaporeans: how would you re-imagine Singapore on the world map if you could?

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