Phuket Adventures: I Didn’t Choose The Farm Life, The Vanich Farm Life Chose Me

Phuket Adventures: I Didn’t Choose The Farm Life, The Vanich Farm Life Chose Me

Always wanted to try out an authentic farming experience? Head to Vanich Farm in Phuket for some awesome activities and unforgettable memories, just like I did!

Visiting Vanich Farm was definitely one of BEST things I did in Phuket. I was eager and excited to get a glimpse into the life of a farmer, considering that I was born and bred in a cosmopolitan city with little exposure to farm life. An idyllic oasis in the middle of the bustling city, Vanich Farm offers you a truly wonderful experience you will NEVER EVER FORGET! Trust me on that.

Let me show you five amazing activities you can try at Vanich Farm for an unforgettable trip in Phuket!

1. Experience the tough life of a rice farmer

Vanich Farm gives you the extraordinary opportunity to experience the agricultural lifestyle and organic farming. They are home to an 80-year-old traditional house in the middle of rice fields, as well as buffaloes, ducks, jungle fowls, sheep, miniature cows and horses. In addition, they aim to produce safe and tasty food while maintaining a sustainable environment. THUMBS UP! When you first enter Vanich Farm, they will provide a set of clothes for you to change into for that authentic farmer look 😉 

Many of us living in developed countries, where rice easily appears on the table at every meal, tend to forget how precious it is. This trip to Vanich Farm has opened my eyes and made me more aware and thankful of every single grain of rice that I consume. Rice farming is truly BACK-BREAKING work under the sweltering hot sun, and now, you can try it for yourselves right here at Vanich Farm.

How does my farm fashion look? *winks* Get the chance to pose like a legitimate rice farmer and trick your friends into thinking you’ve made a career switch! Did you know that the farmers plot the land twice a year, and it takes four long months to harvest the rice they’ve planted? And that’s ONLY the harvesting process – there’s still a long way to go before it is ready for sale! We also got to try out the process of rice milling, rice mantis and winnow rice threshing, which are much more tiring and energy consuming than they look.

Thailand farmers are seen as the backbone of the nation because they bend down to plant all day, and after going through this rice planting experience, I have nothing but my utmost respect for them.

2. Ride and bathe a buffalo

Did you know that water buffaloes eat 50 kilograms of grass and 50 litres of water EVERY DAY?! That’s an insane amount of resources needed to make sure they’re healthy and full! They are traditionally used to plough the rice paddy fields and are considered as the life of Thai people. This experience was particularly interesting because I had never seen a buffalo in real life before! They are truly gentle giants, and extremely adorable when they munch on their food. Be prepared to get down and dirty when you interact with the buffalos…you might even step on their dung by accident because the rice paddy fields are full of them!

Just look at how happy and refreshed he is while bathing! I had TONS of fun bathing and scrubbing mud off him, it was a splashing good time for both of us. *winks* He was incredibly docile and well-behaved, just standing there quietly while we washed him thoroughly!

Now that he was clean, it was time for him to give me a short ride around the farm! YAY! Riding a buffalo was so exhilarating yet nerve-wracking at the same time. I was scared that he might suddenly swing me off his back in anger or in refusal of carrying my weight…BUT thankfully none of that happened! Besides, he weighs over 500 kilograms, so I’m sure I felt as light as a feather on his back. I felt like royalty, waving to my fans and the paparazzi as he trudged along happily, even sticking out his tongue in glee. Well, I exaggerate, but you get the point.

Anyway, this was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend to everyone. You should definitely try it out for yourself and be surprised by these beautiful creatures!

3. Feed adorable sheep and cows

AWW look at these aDORKable faces! Who can resist them?! Besides buffaloes, Vanich Farm is home to cute fluffy sheep, as well as miniature cows and horses. The best part – you not only get to feed them, but you also get to HUG them! They are so cuddly, I wish I could bring them home and hug them every night…

These animals are not just cooped up inside the pens, but are taken out to roam around freely as well! Hug them, kiss them, pet them, run along with them…Indulge in every single second you have with these friendly creatures. This is also the perfect opportunity to start snapping some hilarious selfies with them if you can.

TIP: As long as you have food in one hand, they will run over to you voluntarily and very enthusiastically.

Saying goodbye to them was so, so DIFFICULT. *CRIES*

4. Get real corny after you eat corn in eight different forms

Well, you definitely can’t leave this organic corn farm without overdosing on all types of corn! For all corn lovers, this is THE place to be – sweet corn doesn’t get any fresher than this. There are four large fields of corn within the farm and they are all grown organically, no pesticides are used.

Just look at that beauty! Ripe, fresh, and in a beautiful bright golden yellow colour – I couldn’t believe my eyes at all. Corn juice was just bursting in my mouth with every bite, and the sweetness of the corn was unbelievable. Freshly grown corn tastes simply amazing! This farm-to-table experience definitely must not be missed.

We had the honour of being treated to a literal CORN BUFFET. It was an absolute feast! We tried corns in eight, yes EIGHT different forms. *GASPS* Boiled corn, grilled corn, popcorn, corn silk tea, baby corn, corn milk, corn shavings mixed with coconut shavings, and coconut milk sago with corn!!!! It was so delicious, I lapped it allllll up. My personal favourite would be the corn silk tea, which was so delightfully light and refreshing! One thing’s for sure though, I’m definitely not eating corn again for at least the next few months.

5. Explore the Herb and Vegetable Garden

Besides corn, a variety of garden plants and herbs are grown on the farm as well – such as cucumbers, wintermelons, basil leaves, stevia, papayas and many more! You can then use these fresh ingredients to cook Tom Yum Goong, Pad Krapao, Corn Som Tam and other dishes. This is literally the direct farm-to-table experience, and is guaranteed to delight your taste buds!

When you dine at Harvest Moon, the in-house restaurant situated within the farm, you will be able to sample your own cooking or dishes made using these homegrown plants and herbs! You also get to collect salted duck eggs which taste superbly delicious when they are fried! 

Mulberries are also grown on the farm and used to make Mulberry juice, which is astonishingly refreshing and sweet. It tastes similar to plum juice but less sour. I couldn’t help but gulp down my entire cup, it was just so addictive! Besides, it is good for your health because it contains many antioxidants that are highly beneficial to your body. I could definitely drink this EVERY day.

Image credit: Eugene Tang

There’s a minimart near the entrance, where you can buy all sorts of Vanich Farm merchandise, corn products, and many other food products made from fresh quality ingredients grown on the farm! Psst…the salted egg flavoured tau sa piahs are really good and addictive, make sure you get them! Come join in the fun at Vanich Farm!

If you would like to take a closer look at their activity packages, visit Vanich Farm’s website for more details!  

Raring to book your trip to Phuket now for an authentic farming experience? I bet you are! 

I extend my deepest thanks to Vanich Farm and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (Singapore Office) for giving me the opportunity to discover and experience the paradise of Phuket.

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