Guvano Beach: Hidden Nude Beach in Cinque Terre, Italy

Guvano Beach: Hidden Nude Beach in Cinque Terre, Italy

Two conservative Singaporean girls set foot on a nude beach for the first time. Read about their "memorable" experience in the clothing-optional Guvano Beach in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Two semi-conservative girls from Singapore step into a clothing-optional beach in Italy. They take their clothes off and danced on the beach… not.

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I believe there’s always a first time for everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but setting foot on a nude beach is definitely on my list. There’s something about the idea of people being comfortable enough with their bodies to display it in public that is intriguing to me. I grew up in a rather conservative family and personally, there is no way in this lifetime that you’ll catch me butt naked on a beach, not even if it’s on the other side of the world. However, that doesn’t mean I mind being around naked people, you get what I mean?

Sorry Dad, I hope you’re not reading this.

A secret nude beach!

While doing my travel research online about Cinque Terre, Italy, I’d read about this secret nude beach which most travellers don’t know about. A secret beach (no matter what kind) sounds like something I shouldn’t miss out on. So, my friend Rosazlin and I headed to Guvano beach one beautiful summer afternoon. We were both young and innocent. We still are, by the way.

Introduction to Cinque Terre

Just a quick introduction of Cinque Terre: Cinque Terre can be translated into “five lands,” namely Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. All the towns are incredibly picturesque, sitting by the coast of the Italian Riviera, overlooking crystal clear waters. It is my personal favourite place in Italy, and not surprisingly so, given the sheer beauty of the whole area, with its dramatic cliffs and colorful houses, combined with the swathes of hiking trails available.

Getting to Guvano Beach

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Guvano beach is accessible from the town of Corniglia, and making our way there was quite the adventure unto itself. At the bottom of Corniglia train station, we found the entrance of a dark, abandoned railway tunnel; our gateway to paradise. It was a one kilometre walk through pitch black darkness and I’d spent it nervously clutching Rosazlin’s arm as she shined her torch and led the way.

Finally, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel (quite literally) and emerged to find a few men sitting around a table. From the smattering of English they spoke, we gathered that we needed to drop off some coins for the use of the tunnel before heading down to enjoy the beach.

Guvano Beach. Clothing: Optional

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I had been hoping that Guvano beach will be a nice, long sandy beach. However, it wasn’t as long, or as sandy as I’d anticipated which was a little of a disappointment. However, a beach is still a beach, plus we already took all the effort to make our way there.

It appeared to be quite a steep descent down a rocky cliff to get to the coast, and I was unsure of the right pathway until we noticed this naked man at the bottom of the cliff gesturing for us to tackle the steep slope. I didn’t get the chance to digest the scene of nudity in front of me as I focused on staying alive while descending slowly to the beach.

We didn’t get naked of course. It is a clothing-optional beach and as you can see, we still have our clothes on.

The creepy butt-naked man

It wasn’t long after we settled on the beach when the same naked man I’d mentioned earlier walked over and started a conversation with us. He stood there, in front of our eyes, blocking the sun, as naked as naked can be. We found him annoying and we really just wanted to be left alone to enjoy the sun and the sea without the company of a butt-naked man. He left, and he came back again.

In total, he wandered over three times, so we were forced to have three whole excruciating conversations with him. He made it clear he wished for us to take our clothes off (“thees beach is not beautifoool beacauze you girls no take your clothez off”). He also began telling us stories about his personal things that we did not care to hear about.

All I can say is that.. well, it was awkward.

To add to that, Rosazlin also noticed some guys at the top of the rocks, the same ones we’d met at the tunnel entrance, looking at us from above. I believe they were hoping to catch a glimpse of us without our clothes on from up there. Fat hope! It was clearly a cue to get the hell out of there which we quickly did.

Step on a nude beach – Checked!

I believe the usual protocol for a nudist beach is to respect each other’s privacy but it seems like that wasn’t the experience we got at Cinque Terre’s Guvano beach. Still, it was quite the experience. There’s always a first for everything and virgin nude beach experience, we did it!

Never again

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