22 Photos of Malaysian Borneo Guaranteed to Bring Out the Explorer in You

22 Photos of Malaysian Borneo Guaranteed to Bring Out the Explorer in You

The beauty of East Malaysia – in pictures and a poem.

I think one of the most basic requirements for being a writer, more than penmanship or literary prowess, is simply the passion and love for writing. Words are powerful things, able to capture the most sophisticated of concepts and present them in a simple manner.

But as a travel writer, or as a traveller in general, an even more vivid way to capture a moment is through photography. A picture is worth a million words, as they say, and I think a picture has a way of showing the intrinsic beauty of a place in a way that words cannot.

What am I getting at? Well, you must have looked at the title by now, so let’s not beat around the bush! This article of 22 photos will show you just how beautiful East Malaysia (or Malaysian Borneo) is and why it’ll bring out the wanderlust in you!

And just to spice things up a little more (and because I’m feeling poetic as I write this), this photo article will come in the form of a poem…more or less. Enjoy!

There exists an island, oh so dear

Image credit: Carriezhang

With luscious green

Image credit: Rod Waddington

And waters clear

Image credit: Amri HMS

Where would one find such silken sand

malaysia borneo photosImage credit: Joseph Lim

Where waters meet with sky

Image credit: Chi King

And sky with land?  

Image credit: Peter Gronemann

And houses made of wood, like times of old

Image credit: Rod Waddington

And buildings, tall and grand

Image credit: Studying in Kuching City

And ones that gleam like gold

Image credit: CEphotos,Uwe Aranas

Yet, it is a city of mystique

Image credit: Nicolai Edgar Anderson

With rocks and hills

Image credit: Luke Price

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And caves so deep

Image credit: Starlightchild

As it basks in warmth and smiles so bright

Image credit: CEphotos, Uwe Aranas

So too, do the mountains, scream, delight!

Image credit: Dcubillas

But what good is a feline city?

Image credit: JKT-c

If it has naught to offer for your tummy?

Image credit: Brownc

Noodles, cakes and sugars, sweet

Image credit: Mohdrais

In East Malaysia, one can’t help but eat!

Image credit: JHLam79

The Land of Hornbills, come and see

Image credit: AbZahri AbAzizis

So too do the mountains beckon thee,

Image credit: Peripitus

Be it rain or shine, or wind, or sea

malaysia borneo photosImage credit: Eric Lim Photography

East Malaysia is the place to be!

Image credit: Adib Wahab

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Ah, you have now reached a spiritual state of poetic zen. Let us now just soak in this silence and the beautiful aesthetic of the pictures again. And then, when you’re done, you can go book the next flight to Sarawak and Sabah! Ayyyy!

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