Four Beach Destinations in Malaysia for Your Weekend Getaway

Four Beach Destinations in Malaysia for Your Weekend Getaway

Thinking of making a quick weekend getaway? Here are some beach destinations in Malaysia to consider.

Sun, Sand, Sea (The 3 “S”) has arrived! *Drum Rolls*

Malaysia is divided geographically into East and West Malaysia. Both regions have its charms and cater for different reasons. Being surrounded by South China Sea, Malacca Straits, people often ask with so many beach destinations in Malaysia, which are the must see, must visit beaches?

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Below the list of beach destinations that would summarise why one should explore these seaside resorts. They are not in order of preference as they have already made it to my top four list out of so many choices.

1. Cherating Beach, Pahang

Image Credit: Phalinn Ooi

Located on the coastline of Malaysia, Cherating is a popular beach resort area in Pahang. It has a stunning white sandy beach and high waves along the shore, making it an ideal place for surfers. If you want a resort with a laid back atmosphere and proximity to the  kampung lifestyle, Cherating is the place to visit.

The drive from Singapore to Cherating is often only accessible by what I would call the “Old Road”. At that time of my trip to Cherating (3 years back), I took the route from Johor Bahru to Kuantan and that drive took me almost 5–6 hours. To get to Cherating from Kuantan, it will be another 45 minutes drive up north.

Alternatively, one can go by this route: E2 NSE(KL) – Exit 242 to Yong Peng South- Go on I2- Keep right on East Coast Expressway- Gebeng Bypass- Gebeng Bypass (Kuantan) before reaching Club Med. The Club Med at Cherating Beach is the closest one to Singapore, and I recommend that you stay here to can experience the craziness and fun of Club Med right at your doorstep.

The main draw of this area is that one can fully embrace the sea view while enjoying a slower pace of life. Once you have reached Cherating, you will understand what that means.

2. Port Dickson, Seremban

Image Credit: Paul Gravestock

Located only 90 kilometres away from Kuala Lumpur, this beach town has increased in popularity in recent years. When I first went to Port Dickson back in 1996, there were not many tourists. This is in contrast to the holiday period in 2007, when large crowds were observed – mostly city dwellers from Kuala Lumpur who drove south. When I visited in 2014, the crowd seems to have died down though so it might still be a good option for those who are looking for a quiet holiday.

I would recommend that people looking to visit Port Dickson make use of the crabbing opportunities it offers. There are SO MANY CRABS there as the waters on this side of the Malacca Straits are not as choppy.

Should you be going to Port Dickson, you can stay in one of the water village resorts. I booked mine RM 200 (SGD 72) per room per night during low season. The best time to go for crabbing activities is between August to late September. This is when you can catch many crabs, and you will be tired of fishing for crabs right from your room balcony.

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Oh, by the way, did I mention that you can bring a rice cooker and cook your crabs once you catch them?

3. Turtle Island, Sabah

Image Credit: Tian Yake

As the name of the place suggests, the main activity on Turtle Island is to view turtles at night! The Turtle Islands Park is located 40 kilometres north of Sandakan and consists of three islands, Pulau Selingaan, Pulau Bakkungaan Kecil and Pulau Gulisan.

How do you get there?

You will need first to fly into Kota Kinabalu, the gateway to Sabah State in East Malaysia. From there, you can take a plane from either AirAsia or MAS Wings to Sandakan.

You are guaranteed to be able to see turtles laying eggs on shore no matter which time of year you visit. There is even a clause on tour packages that says if you do not see any turtles, you will be refunded 50% of the price of your tour package. This just goes to show how confident they are that visitors are bound to see a real life turtle laying eggs.

However, there is no guaranteed time as to when you will get to see the turtles. We would eat our dinner at 7pm by the time, the sky is very dark already. And all we could do is to chat over the dinner and wait, wait and continue to wait. The previous night, we were told that the first sighting of turtle was usually around 9pm. However, it was only at 10pm that we witnessed the first turtle coming to shore to lay eggs. It was indeed a humbling experience and in the midst of waiting, I also managed to wish upon a shooting star!

Turtle Sanctuary

Something for everyone to note: Please bring a torch light as this place will be in total darkness after the night falls. And you do not want to step into the turtle “hole” just like in the picture below.

4. Tioman Island, Pahang

Image credit: Glueball

Tioman island is a small island located 32 kilometres off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Pahang. One can drive from Singapore to Mersing and park your car in the designated parking lots.

If you are driving to Tioman island, please remember to lock the sterling wheel of your car as I have heard many cases of drivers who had found their car lost although there is supposedly a security guard taking care of the parking lots. So always remember to err on the side of caution when parking your car here. Parking your car in an area that has high human traffic will also help to reduce the probability of theft. Another tip to prevent car theft would be when parking your car, turn the wheel to one side and with the car facing inwards (not reverse park). In that way, should anyone want to steal your car, it will be bit more difficult to do so as well.

Why visit Tioman Island?

The waters are crystal clear and the quality of water and coral here is one of the best in Malaysia. This has attracted me to visit Tioman island twice. Once, I went for a snorkelling trip and I returned for a scuba diving trip. The water here is good for amateurs as the waters here has excellent visibility which means beginners do not have to dive deep. As such, Tioman Island is relatively safe and nice for diving trips. One of the highlights is that you can see lorries on the seabed here!

However, the best time to visit Tioman Island is from April to October every year. After this window, the monsoon season brings heavy rain to this region which often leads to flood and dangerous open sea water conditions.

A snapshot of the activities one can enjoy at Tioman Island…

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