11 Attractions in Klang That You Don’t Want to Miss

11 Attractions in Klang That You Don’t Want to Miss

Ever considered visiting the capital of Selangor? Klang is packed with attractions and activities, and these are the must-dos.

A new destination and a new experience – that is what most travellers look for on vacation. If you belong to this group, then your next destination should be Klang, a former capital of Malaysia’s Selangor state. The trip will be a mix of culture, heritage and history. There is a Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk which will take you down memory lane to various landmarks in town. In the palace, the current Sultan of Selangor still resides, and off the coast of Port Klang are two well-known islands, Pulau Ketam and Pulau Indah.

Let’s explore the unexplored to learn more about Klang. To begin, here are some places to visit in Klang on your first trip.

1. Little India

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Little India is a historic area in Klang. There are many such areas in Malaysia, from the one in Penang to the one in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Along the streets of Little India, there are various shops and you can find fancy sarees or other Indian traditional attire. You can find many items imported from India. The smell of fried onion pakoras wafts through the air, and you should go ahead and try some. The busiest time in Little India will be during the festive season and if you come at other times of the year, it is less crowded.

Address: Jalan Tengku Kelana, Klang, Malaysia
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

2. Taman Rakyat Klang

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The next attraction to visit is Taman Rakyat Klang, a park and recreational area. If you are curious what the locals usually do during the public holidays or weekends, come to the park and join the crowd. It is a popular spot for jogging, hiking as well as other outdoor activities like picnicking. Take in some fresh and cool air early in the morning before you move on to your next points of interest. Jog around the lake or go jungle trekking – there are plenty of activities for everyone.  

Address: Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail, Taman Sri Andalas, 41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

3. Masjid India Klang

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If you want to learn the history of this royal town, a visit to the well-known Masjid India Klang is a good start. There are many mosques around Klang Town but this is the oldest mosque in town. The original mosque was demolished back in 1973 and it was rebuilt as a two-storey mosque. Masjid India Klang is located in the southern part of the Klang River and is accessible by the KTM train. It caters mostly to Indian Muslims in Klang and the area is where Indians from the southern part of India migrated to Malaya in the 18th Century.

Address: Jalan Tengku Kelana, Kawasan 1, 41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

4. Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk

Image credit: Wikimedia

Image credit: Wikimedia

Apart from learning the history of the town and the mosque, you should also check out the other places of worship in Klang. Among them are the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and Kuan Im Teng Klang. The best way to visit these places and more would be on the Royal Klang Town Heritage Walk, which is free of charge. Surprisingly, not many tourists and visitors are aware of this heritage walk! In order to join it, you need to contact the Klang Municipal Tourism Department for the tour details. The tour is co-organised by Klang Municipal Council and Tourism Selangor.

Now that you are aware, join the group and explore the other side of Klang that you might not know about. You will have a half-day full of walking with a tour guide who will share in detail about each attraction and more. Attractions you’ll visit include Kuan Yin Temple, Gedung Raja Abdullah, Klang Post Office and Chennai Silk Palace.

Address: Klang 41000, Malaysia
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday (10am to 12.30pm)

5. Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery

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If you are outside this building, you might think that it is a large palace but actually, it is a royal gallery. Constructed in 1988, the Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery is an initiative of the late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, the 11th Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia. In 2007 it was officiated by Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and opened to the public.

Here, you can understand more about the contribution of the late Sultan, his achievements and the background of the Selangor royal family. Apart from that, you will get to have a closer look at the replicas of Selangor’s crown jewels as well as the personal collections of artefacts and gifts during the Sultan’s reign.

Address: 3, Jalan Stesen, Kawasan 1, 41000 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 5pm), Closed on Monday
Price: Free admission

6. Old Double Deck Bridge (Jambatan Kota)

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This is the first double-decked bridge in Malaysia and you need to visit it for its unique architecture. It was constructed between 1958 and 1960 using steel truss girder. Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, the late Sultan of Selangor, officially opened the Double Deck Bridge in 1961.

So what is the top deck and bottom deck used for? The top deck is meant for motor vehicles whereas the lower deck is a pedestrian bridge. Due to the increasing number of vehicles in town, the bridge is closed to vehicles in the early 1990s and a new bridge was built next to it. The top deck is called Dataran Jambatan Kota after it was renovated and from the bridge, you can go fishing or just admire the Klang River.

Address: River, 41100 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

7. Istana Alam Shah

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The current residence of Sharafuddin Idris Shah, the 9th Sultan of Selangor, is Istana Alam Shah. The palace is not open to the public and if you want to take a tour of the palace, you need permission from the palace to do so. Istana Alam Shah was constructed in 1905 and before that, it was known as Istana Alauddin (Bandar Palace). Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah, the fifth Sultan of Selangor, was among the earliest Sultan that resided in this palace from 1903 to 1938.

The Selangor royalty actually has another two official residences, one each in Putrajaya and Shah Alam. Istana Alam Shah is significant as it is where the coronation of each Sultan of the state, as well as other royal ceremonies, are held. The palace is not just unique but also historic when it comes to the majesty of the Malay royal architecture.

Address: Jalan Istana, Kawasan 1, 41000 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Contact the Sultan Selangor Office if you plan to visit

8. Kota Raja Mahadi

Image credit: Wikimedia

One of the greatest moments in the history of Klang is the battle between King Abdullah Ibni Almarhum King Jaafar and King Mahadi Ibni Almarhum King Sulaiman. The actions of both kings started two civil wars in the royal town all because of the right to claim the Klang River as well as its two banks. The fort was built in 1866 and is situated in Bukit Kota, Klang. The history behind the fort and its architecture are worth knowing to understand more about Klang.

Address: 60, Jalan Raya Barat, Kawasan 1, 41100 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

9. Tanjung Harapan

Image credit: Fadhlur Rahman

After a long day visiting the historical sites and buildings around the town, it is time to get closer to the beach. The place you are about to visit is not just an ordinary beach – a well-known busy port is also located nearby. You will find many ships at the port, factories dotting the area as well as seafood restaurants at Tanjung Harapan. After enjoying the beautiful sunset and walking along the coastline, drop by one of the restaurants for dinner.

Address: Northport, Port Klang, Selangor, 42000

10. Klang Parade

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Klang has various shopping malls too. Since you have already come this far, check out the shopping malls in the royal town area. The first mall to visit is Klang Parade, a family-centric mall with something for everyone in the family. Opened in 1995, there are five floors in the shopping complex. You can shop at the departmental stores like Parkson, Kamdar and Econsave. Little Hearts, One Cube and Talent Bookstore are among some of the stores to visit.

Address: Kawasan 17, 41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (10am to 10pm)

11. Big Mall (formerly known as Harbour Place)

Another shopping centre you need to visit is Big Mall, which is formerly known as Harbour Place. Aside from shopping at Nigella Grocers, Mr DIY and more, you can watch a movie at the MBO Cinema or spend your time karaoke-ing.

Address: Persiaran Muda Musa, Kawasan 8, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (10am to 10.30pm)

Klang is a magnificent town in Selangor and you can experience a mixture of the old and new. Whether it is the bridges, historical mosques, majestic palaces, streets or malls, you will be in for a surprise the next time you visit Klang!

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