Museum of Hygiene - A Place Dedicated To Personal Hygiene

Museum of Hygiene – A Place Dedicated To Personal Hygiene

Get inside Russia's Museum of Hygiene and learn a lot about health and personal hygiene.

museum of hygiene

Saint Petersburg is definitely one of the world’s most attractive cities as it showcases ancient structures, unique art and culturally fascinating museums but there’s one museum that stands out from the rest.

Established in 1919 under the Soviet rule, the Museum of Hygiene, formerly called the Museum of Good Health, is a way to educate the public about health and personal hygiene. It spreads awareness on the dire effects of germs and how diseases can be prevented.

What makes this museum even more interesting is that it contains the original and naturally stuffed dog of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, a Russian physiologist known for his classical conditioning experiments.

Be psychologically prepared when you enter the museum as the displays are too graphic to infuse morbid thoughts and provoke disturbing emotions.

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