Morrin Centre: Old Prison Turned Cultural Centre in Quebec

Morrin Centre: Old Prison Turned Cultural Centre in Quebec

A designated National Historic Site of Canada, Morrin Centre is a must-visit attraction in Quebec for culture buffs and history enthusiasts alike.

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With its stunning facade, you wouldn’t think it was a former prison. Would you? Originally built in 1712 as military barracks, the building was made into a prison after one hundred years. It was the first and only prison in Quebec City which punished different kinds of offenders from drunkards and prostitutes to murderers.

In 1862, the site became Morrin College which was eventually taken over by the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. It was then designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981. Today, Morrin Centre serves as a cultural centre which houses a private library dedicated to the historic contribution of local English-speakers in Quebec, heritage spaces, and interpretation services. If you’re planning to go to Quebec, a visit to this cultural gem is well-recommended.

46.812892, -71.210589,Morrin Centre, Chaussée des Écossais, Quebec City, QC, Canada

Don’t miss this cultural centre when you visit Quebec in Canada.

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