20 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Lombok, Indonesia

20 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Lombok, Indonesia

Scale Mount Rinjani, one of Indonesia’s tallest volcanoes, choose from countless pristine beaches and enjoy a vibrant nightlife – what more could you ask for?

You’ve heard of Bali, but what about its lesser-known neighbour, Lombok? While Bali has become increasingly commodified and overrun by tourists, Lombok remains a hidden gem that offers an authentic Indonesian island experience. This means an array of magnificent beaches that offer tranquility, adrenaline-pumping waves to satisfy your inner surfer-bro and even a smokin’ hot volcano. The best part? Paradise is only three hours away from Singapore by plane!

1. Lombok is home to Indonesia’s second-tallest volcano, Mount Rinjani

Image Credit: David Periang Hendra

2. Scale 3,726 metres for incredible bird’s-eye views like this…

Image credit: Brigitte Djajasasmita

3. …or this, depending on the time of your visit

4. Admire the Segara Anak Lake and catch a glimpse of the smoking volcano

Image credit: M Reza Faisal

5. Take your pick from the many beaches for some fun in the sun!

Image credit: Lando Mikael

6. Marvel in awe at Semeti Beach’s sea pyramids

Image credit: Abu Ihsan al-Atsary

7. Snap a picture with this unearthly rock at Batu Payung Beach

Image credit: Irvan Ces

8. Feel the pink sand in between your toes at Tangsi Beach

Image credit: Schristia

9. Breathe in the ocean breeze while strolling along Tanjung Aan Beach

Image credit: Hansel and Regrettal

10. Or brave the waves at Desert Point if you dare!

Image credit: Mike Sutherland

11. More importantly, don’t miss Lombok’s vibrant sunsets

Image credit: Hansel and Regrettal

12. Also, reunite with nature at Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Image credit: Lando Mikael

13. Soak in more otherworldly scenic landscapes

Image credit: Suryanata budi

14. The symmetrical patchwork fields are even more mesmerising up close

Image credit: worldsurfr

15. Island-hop through the Gili Islands for more golden shores and crystal waters

Image credit: Luis Medina

16. Peek at the kaleidoscopic marine life while snorkelling

Image credit: Kura Kura Resort

17. Visit a hatchery and release a baby turtle into the sea

Image credit: Kura Kura Resort

18. Then, dive into the turquoise waters for a swim with these majestic creatures!

Image credit: Kura Kura Resort

19. While submerged, gape at the haunting beauty of these statues

Image credit: Bask Gili Meno

20. Finally, revel in Gili Islands’ tranquil setting

Image credit: ((brian))

Be careful though, you might never want to leave Lombok again after visiting. The island has a way of reeling you in and enrapturing visitors with its unparalleled beauty. Give Bali a miss next time, and head here instead!


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