Lake Hillier - Earth's Pinkest Landscape

Lake Hillier – Earth’s Pinkest Landscape

While there are countless wonders on Earth, none is like the Pink Lake Hillier in Australia! This natural pink scenery can only be viewed above.

lake hillier

Do you know that Western Australia is home to many striking “pink lakes”? Lake Hillier is just one of the largest!

From above, the lake appears to be a huge pink gem hidden within a rim of sand and dense woodland. Lake Hillier is merely separated from the blue Southern Ocean by a thin strip of vegetation.

Since the lake is enclosed by pristine wilderness untouched by humans, the only way to appreciate the lake is from the air.

The only explanation to its natural pink is a unique dye produced by bacteria living in the salt crusts. However, when there’s a high concentration of algae.,the lake will turn into a lighter shade of pink. Apart from bacteria and algae, the lake is a significant source of support for many native and migratory birds, thus, earning its rights as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by the BirdLife International.

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