New Zealand’s Newest Attraction: Piwi the Kiwi

New Zealand’s Newest Attraction: Piwi the Kiwi

Piwi the kiwi has become the star attraction of New Zealand. Watch this adorable kiwi gain back its strength on the treadmill.

New Zealand is famous for many things.

1. Beautiful mountains

2. Gorgeous Lakes

3.  More beautiful sights

4. Beautiful Lord of the Rings sights

5. The word “pissed” that actually means “drunk”. So if you say “I am pissed,” nobody would truly care cause you’re just a rambling ole’ drunkard. If you say “I drink piss”, you’re on the right track.

Now, New Zealand is famous for an even more spectacular reason.

This kiwi.

Piwi the kiwi recently broke his leg in two separate accidents! After Piwi was saved by courageous wildlife experts, he was transported to a wildlife park in order to mend his broken leg. After thinking long and hard, the vets decided that the best way for Piwi to strengthen his leg is to hop onto the treadmill. Initially, Piwi wasn’t too happy about this arrangement but after a while, he started to get used to it and has been recovering very well ever since. Today, his muscles have seen great improvement and the vets feel that Piwi may soon go out back into the wild again!

Let’s all hope that Piwi the kiwi gets better soon and will make it back into the wild.

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