El Caminito Del Rey - The Most Dangerous Bridge In The World

El Caminito Del Rey – The Most Dangerous Bridge In The World

Directly translated into The King’s Pathway, El Caminito Del Rey is a narrow gorge in El Chorro, Spain was used as a means of transportation for workers to access the hydroelectric plants at the nearby falls in 1901.

Today, the pathway has fallen and few brave souls who ventured to this challenging pathway made it alive. The pathway has since be known as the most dangerous path in the world.

The bridge has become fragile and in some parts, the path has been cut off midway.

To avoid receiving more deaths in this region, any attempt to cross the bridge has been now made illegal, but enthusiastic climbers still find their way to the bridge.

Treat your eye to a little adventure with this 360 degree view of El Caminito Del Rey.

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