Park Seo-joon Confirms Marvel Role & Has Begun Filming Outside SK

Park Seo-joon Officially Confirms His Marvel Role & Has Begun Filming Outside South Korea

With PSJ in the Marvel film, tickets in Asia will sell out real quick.

It is as the gossip and IMDB update foretold! Park Seo-joon in an upcoming Marvel movie is set in stone. 

His agency confirmed the news on his behalf on 3 Sep 2021, Friday. “Park has confirmed his appearance in a Marvel Studios film and left the country this afternoon,” Awesome ENT said in a statement.

PSJ and his agency have yet to confirm his role, but we’re already willing to bet that our favourite oppa is going to play Amadeus Cho, a Korean-American superhero who has powers very similar to the Hulk. There is no better oppa to play this part than the one who has a herculean reputation to date. Park Seo-joon has become famous in many parts of Asia thanks to his classic K-dramas like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, Fight For My Way, and Itaewon Class.

The agency’s statement did say though that more details will be announced at a later date, such as the official title of the movie, as well as filming schedules and locations. Right now, there are rumours that the movie will be titled The Marvels.

Nia DaCosta will be directing Park Seo-joon and the whole Marvel movie, which is set to be released in 2023. Until then, why not binge-watch on some Park Seo-Joon Netflix series to sate your excitement? 

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