My One-Day London Guide: Attractions, Food, Shopping & More

My One-Day London Guide: Attractions, Food, Shopping & More

Nothing can compare to the sights and sounds of London. Follow this one-day London guide for that perfect introduction to this city.

I first stepped into London on a chilly February night with my husband. I didn’t really fancy the weather, but that didn’t matter. Excitement was pulsing through my veins and I couldn’t wait to explore the city.

We found a quiet little Italian restaurant to dine in that was minutes away from our hotel. My pasta portion was good enough for two. It was as authentic as the dish could get, with just the right amount of olive oil coursing through my marinara sauce. I also had the best sundae in my life. The vanilla ice cream was topped with juicy slices of strawberries and peaches. In fact, the other two patrons soon had their eyes set on the same dessert and ordered one too!

We headed back to the hotel to rest. It was, after all, a tiring ride from Manchester. My husband discussed getting Oyster cards for us to travel around the next day. The train system was so good that we’d be able to move about pretty much anywhere in London and England.

Here’s an itinerary on what you could do in London, and all in a day. It’s based on what I’ve experienced and loved.

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Places to visit

London is home to a great number of attractions, so where do you begin? You could start at Buckingham Palace. There is a tour called “Royal Day Out”, which costs £37 per ticket, that gives you access to State Rooms, the Queen’s Galley and the Royal Mews.

After this two-hour-plus tour, head over to the Wembley Stadium, where some of the greatest European Football matches were played. The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and even Queen have performed at this iconic venue. It can hold a capacity of 90000 viewers at any given time.

Wrap up your touristy visits with a stopover at the British Museum. Built in 1753, the museum is home to some of the most vital artefacts in world history. Here you’ll find Egyptian mummies, the Rosetta stone and Parthenon sculptures.

The Grand Buckingham Palace

things to do in londonImage credit: traveljunction, Flickr

things to do in londonImage credit: Michael Spencer, Flickr

View of the Wembley Stadium

Image credit: Martin Pettitt, Flickr

Image credit: Pablo Fernandez, Flickr

The British Museum

Image credit: John W. Schulze, Flickr

Views to behold

Bask in all the glory that London has to offer by getting a bird’s eye view of the city. The London Eye offers you just that, with 32 capsules, each bringing 25 people to the peak of the manmade pinnacle.

The Tower of London is a World Heritage Site and holds close to £20 billion worth of crown jewels. There are 6 ravens (excluding a spare) that are kept in the tower,  known to be the guardians of the tower. There is a superstition that if these ravens ever leave the Tower, the entire Kingdom will fall!

In London, there are many parks where you can relax on a bench and have a sandwich. You could people-watch at places like the Hamstead Heath and the Chelsea Physic Garden. The greenery is a sight to behold; it calms you in a way only nature can.

The London Eye

Image credit: Sohail Khan Afridi, Flickr

things to do in londonImage credit:

More than 800,000 ceramic poppies planted in the Tower of London moat to remember the fallen British soldiers from World War I.

Hampstead Heath

Image credit: nielsfrenzen, Flickr


London is a multicultural food haven. There’s food from almost every country you can think of. Take a wild pick of restaurants or stroll around and browse the menus displayed at the entrance until you find your choice.

One thing is for sure, though. You simply must sit and have an afternoon tea session in London. It’s the perfect pick-me-up you need after an exhausting exploration. You’d be served in a traditional English setting, complete with tiers of freshly baked scones, finger food and yes, a hot cup of tea.You might need to book in advance at some places such as The Ritz. Don’t forget to dress in a smart-casual code.

Dinner doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring affair either. There’s a unique dining experience that beckons at the Bateaux London Thames. This dining cruise is designed with clear glass windows on all four walls. Dinner is cooked right in front of you while you sip on a drink and enjoy the live band.

Afternoon tea at the Modern Pantry

Image credit: coolgirlstyle, Flickr

Thames River from the Bateaux Boat

Image credit: Peter PZ, Flickr


King’s Road will offer you a mix of everything under the shopping umbrella. Think of a potpourri of designer shops, exclusive labels, and trendy boutiques. Splurge at the Harrods or go bargain-hunting at vintage outlets in the London markets. It’s really up to you!

St Paul from a shopping street

Image credit: Raphael Chekroun, Flickr


Image credit: Rohan Travellin, Flickr

Image credit: Henry Lawford, Flickr


Don’t miss out on the London theatre scene if you have time to spare. There’s many plays, musicals, dramas and comedy theatrics to enjoy. Three top picks seem to be the Hackney Empire Theatre, the Roundhouse and of course, the Royal Albert Hall.

Here’s a couple of popular screenings – Wicked, the Book of Mormon and Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Shaftesbury Theatre

Image credit: Tadie88, Flickr

The Royal Albert Hall

Image credit: Steffen Boelaars, Flickr

I hope these insights will feed your desire to visit London. Enjoy that perfect day in this wonderful city!

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