Top 5 Secluded Viewpoints to Catch the 2016 National Day Fireworks

Top 5 Secluded Viewpoints to Catch the 2016 National Day Fireworks

National Day Parade 2016 will be held at National Stadium this year! If you didn't score tickets, view the NDP fireworks from these secluded spots instead.

The upcoming National Day Parade 2016 will be held at National Stadium, a change from its usual location at Marina Bay, which leaves us wondering… just where on earth can we catch the fireworks display this year if we didn’t snag the grand tickets?

Well luckily for you, after the few weeks of NDP rehearsals that went on, we’ve curated a list of the top five spots to beat the crowds and catch those fireworks – FOR FREE!

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Phalinn Ooi

The fireworks are scheduled on 8.15–8.30pm, but it’s good to chope yourself a spot at an earlier timing. So on National Day (9 Aug), or on the last NDP rehearsal (30 July), head on over to these sweet spots to indulge in the typical Singaporean’s National Day pastime – catching a glimpse of these magnificent, sparkling beasts.

1. Nicoll Highway Park

Image credit: Gerald Tan (NDP 2015)

Nicoll Highway Park is a little more ‘ulu’ than the other locations on this list, but it still offers a nice view of the fireworks display. It’s pretty convenient to get to as well, only a short 5-minute walk from Nicoll Highway MRT Station.

2. Along Republic Avenue

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Zexsen Xie (NDP 2014)

If you notice a crowd forming in Nicoll Highway Park, turn back towards Nicoll Highway MRT Station and walk along the Republic Avenue walkway. This waterside walkway is a great viewpoint for catching the fireworks from a low angle!

3. HDB Estates at Beach Road

Image credit: thegirlnamedkai (NDP 2013)

Want a higher vantage point? Then head to the HDB estates lined up along Beach Road. Very importantly, don’t be a disturbance to the residents living in the area! They might be nice enough to not chase you away from the corridor, but remember that it’s still a residential area after all, so do respect the homeowners and their space!

4. Along Kallang River

Image credit: Fisher Chia (NDP 2012)

There are a few spots along Kallang river where you can catch the fireworks, such as atop the Merdeka Bridge and along the grassy patches. Walk further from the Kallang Basin if you really, really can’t take humans being less than a metre away from you. This area is just a 10-minute walk from Kallang MRT Station. Stock up on snacks from Kallang Wave Mall and enjoy a picnic before the fireworks!

5. Tanjong Rhu Park

Image credit: Huaqing Ma (NDP 2011)

Tanjong Rhu Park is slightly more inaccessible by public transport compared to other spots on this list, so be prepared to walk a little bit more. But trust me, it will be totally worth it – this place will be the least crowded out of the five sweet spots. To get here, exit from Stadium MRT Station, walk around the perimeter of Indoor Stadium, and cross the Tanjong Rhu Park Suspension Bridge.

Lastly, here’s the golden advice for those who absolutely hate crowds: no matter what, DO NOT go to Kallang Wave Mall! It’s easily the most convenient place to reach for catching the National Day fireworks, but it will be packed like sardines. Even if you think you can chope a seat at one of the eateries or spots by coming early, there’s always going to be someone (or a lot of people) who are going to be way earlier. After all, we Singaporeans are known to be super kiasu.

So take my advice, avoid this place at all costs, and head to the five more secluded viewpoints instead.

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