Limited Edition National Day EZ-Link Cards to Go on Sale

Limited Edition National Day EZ-Link Cards to Go on Sale

Keep the festive cheer alive with these National Day EZ-link cards!

In less than two weeks, the Little Red Dot will mark its 56 years of independence. Albeit during this unprecedented time, you can still keep the festive cheer alive. Get your hands on limited edition National Day EZ-link cards to feel the sheer sense of pride for our beloved country.

Designed and illustrated by local artist Lee Kow Fong, the unique artworks showcase Singaporeans’ spirit of resilience during the challenging pandemic times. Plus, they reveal the unabating hope of emerging stronger as a nation.

More commonly known as Ah Guo, the 50-years old artist grew prominence during the circuit breaker period in Singapore last year. His designs and illustrations of everyday scenes and people tugged at the heartstrings of the masses. You can feast your eyes upon some of his soft, expressive watercolour depictions with a childlike appeal here

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National Day EZ-link cards designs

There are two varying designs, both in line with Singapore’s 56th National Day’s “Together, Our Singapore Spirit” theme.   

A vibrant future

The first design portrays a group of ebullient children playing and taking the pledge at an open space in a neighbourhood. You can catch sight of military tanks, the Singapore flag, amongst other elaborate details that are no stranger to us during the celebration. It reflects Ah Guo’s aspiration for the future generation of Singaporeans. He wishes they grow up with a sense of optimism and find happiness.

Higher we go!

The second design transports us to a heartland brimming with activity — capturing the essence of National Day. Amidst the sprightliness, a father raises his young child towards the sky as seen in the foreground. The key message: Singapore, as a budding nation, with abundant potential for the future.

“I have always wanted to use my art as a means to inspire people, and help them stay calm and positive,” shared Ah Guo in a press release by EZ-Link

“This is more important now than ever before as we battle through the pandemic, and I am heartened to be able to share my illustrations and bring joy to Singaporeans during this time.”

National Day EZ-Link cards available on Shopee

National Day EZ-link

Image credit: Justin Lim

Already keen to grab hold of these symbolically significant National Day EZ-Link cards? Good news, they will be available at EZ-Link official store on the Shopee platform starting Friday, 30 Jul 2021. For just S$15.60 (with no load value), you can purchase a set of two cards and add it to your keepsake. 

Additionally, EZ-Link will be hosting a National Day lucky draw from 6 to 31 Aug 2021. You can redeem 56 reward points to score a chance to participate in it on the EZ-Link mobile app. Ten lucky winners will stand a chance to win a special edition EZ-Link card. They come with Ah Guo’s signature and a $56 load value.

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Let’s stay optimistic and wish for brighter days ahead. A very happy National Day in advance to all Singaporeans! 


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