You Might Have Been Misled by the ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ Trailer

You Might Have Been Misled by the ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ Trailer

Please let this theory be true.

Thanks to the recent Spiderman trailer that Marvel released, the Internet is now abuzz with new Spiderman: No Way Home memes, theories, and discussions. So we’ll give you a spoiler warning right now in case you haven’t watched the No Way Home trailer yet. For those of you who don’t mind the trailer discussions, let’s cut to the chase: You may have been misled by the trailer. 

There are definitely hints or Easter eggs that have somewhat confirmed our suspicions that previous cast members from Sony’s Spiderman movies are going to make an appearance. The Green Goblin’s pumpkin bomb accompanied by Willam Dafoe’s maniacal laugh already gives his participation in this movie away. 

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Did you notice something off about this scene?

But among all the teases we got in the Spiderman: No Way Home trailer, Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock getting screen time was the biggest jaw-dropping moment. “Hello, Peter,” was all he needed to say to spark the nostalgia and earth-shattering reactions from Marvel geeks. 

At the same time though, this is the scene where Marvel seems to be deceiving the trailer’s audience. Right after Doc Ock drops the nostalgic, “Hello, Peter,” the trailer cuts to Tom Holland assuming a fighting stance and getting his suit on, leading most to believe that this is a showdown between them. But here’s the thing: Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock doesn’t know Tom Holland’s Spiderman. The only Spiderman he presumably knows is Tobey Maguire’s. 

Consider as well, that Doc Ock’s background when he says this line is smokey and dirty compared to Tom’s clear and bright background when he changes into his Spiderman suit. That has led analysts to believe that Alfred Molina wasn’t actually talking to Tom Holland — he was talking to Tobey Maguire. The trailer is simply edited to make it look like he was talking to Tom.

This brief scene in the Spider Man: No Way Home trailer is an exchange between Molina’s Doc Ock and Maguire’s Spiderman, just like old times. At least, that’s what everyone is inclined to believe now that this theory’s out there. We’re willing to bet this is the case. We’re even more excited to see the second official trailer, which many believe will finally show Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman, just as the rumours and even leaks have been saying all along. 

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Out of the three Spiderman movie series, who’s your fave Spidey? 

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