Milk Tea in Shampoo Bottles… And Other Bizarre Drinks Around the World

Milk Tea in Shampoo Bottles… And Other Bizarre Drinks Around the World

You thought that drinking milk tea from shampoo bottles was weird? Check out these bizarre drinks around the world and tell us if you still think so!

Are you an enthusiast for all things cool and funky? Hop on the fad train, because a new one has already hit our shores: milk teas in shampoo bottles!

Image credit: 純萃喝。chun cui he – Singapore

Singaporeans have been ordering this drink from Taiwan months before its release, and when 7-11 stores around the island began stocking it up on July 13, it was sold-out in many stores within hours. Seriously, how bizarre is it that drinking milk tea from shampoo bottles could become a trend?

While we’re at that, let’s take a look at some of the most unique drinks that you can find across the globe. Bottom’s up!

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1. Ramune (Japan)

ramuneImage credits: Amy

You can find this in almost every supermarket or corner store in Japan! On a sizzling hot day, this drink will be your best friend. What’s weird about it? I’ll give you two reasons. First reason: it comes in a variety of weird flavours, like kimchi. And curry. Yeah, I’m not sure about that either. Second reason: the bottle comes with a marble that acts as a stopper. Have fun trying to get it out of the bottle without breaking it!

2. Egg Soda (Vietnam)

egg sodaImage credit: jennipho84

It’s better than it sounds, I promise. Vietnamese egg soda is made from just three ingredients: a raw egg yolk, soda, and sweetened condensed milk. Think what you want about ingesting a raw egg… the drink’s actually pretty good – light, creamy, and fizzy. Absolutely perfect for those wacky dairy-loving people on a hot summer’s day!

3. Rainbow Beer (Japan)

blue rainbow beerImage credit: Abashiri Brewery

The world is head over heels with all things rainbow, from coffee and bagels to pizza (how weird…). If you’re seeking an extra dash of colour in your life, go the extra mile and order yourselves some rainbow beer! Abashiri Brewery has a whole line-up of colourful beers for you to try, so you’re bound to find a colour that suits your fancy. Here’s the clincher: the beers are dyed with natural ingredients! No need to worry about those icky artificial stuff when you’re busy sipping your beer and enjoying life in general. Unfortunately, these only ship out domestically, but now you know what to get on your next trip to Japan!

red rainbow beerImage credit: Abashiri Brewery

4. Submarino (Argentina, Uruguay)

submarinoImage credit: lapasteleriadegladys

I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with hot chocolate. Boil some milk, chuck in some cocoa powder and marshmallows and ta-da! Hot chocolate. Okay, what if I tell you that there is even simpler way to make yourselves a delectable version of this chocolatey goodness? All you have to do is look over to our South American pals, who simply dunk an entire bar of chocolate into a glass of warm milk to get their hot chocolate. Yes, you read that right! They call it the submarino. Now you know the quick but utterly delish way of making your very own hot chocolate!

5. Origami Tea Bags

origami tea bagsImage credit: Origami Tea Bags

Origami is hard, especially for those with fat, clumsy fingers like me. Well, you don’t always have to make it yourselves to appreciate the art – not with these Origami Tea Bags, anyway! As soon as the tea bag’s submerged, it expands and unfolds. It’s really poetic stuff, guys. If tea drinking isn’t a hipster activity, it will be with these tea bags.

6. Morinaga Pancake Drink (Japan)

pancake drinkImage credits: dishmaps

Why waste time trying to cook up some pancakes in the morning when you can just take a swig out of this can? Yup, the Japanese are at it again – this time, it’s the pancake drink! It’s all the tastes you can associate with a pancake – the butter, syrup, pancakes, yes it’s all there! You can grab yourselves one of these drinks at most of the vending machines you see around the bus interchanges and metro stations. Could this be the new breakfast on the go?

7. Ryazhenka (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)

ryazhenkaImage credits: Off-shell

Ryazhenka is milk that’s fermented and baked. Yup, I’ll say it again. Fermented and baked. You’re probably going “omg who on earth wants to try that” but trust me when I say it’s amazing. Picture a liquid with the consistency of yogurt, but with the sweet taste of custard – and voila! That’s the ryazhenka. You can easily get this at any supermarket in Russia! See, you don’t always have to chug down a bottle of vodka to feel like a true blue Russian.

8. Crystal Head Vodka

crystal head vodkaImage credit: Crystal Head Vodka

Ever wake up the morning after a party feeling like death? I’m certain that a bunch of you out there know what I mean. In that case, Crystal Head Vodka’s got just the right packaging for all your future alcoholic needs – picture yourselves taking a swig from these skull-shaped bottles while entertaining the amusing thought that this will probably be what you look like the next morning. You could also just buy it for the packaging. I’m game for funky décor like that, how about you?

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Inspired yet? Make your trip overseas the wackiest that it’s ever been with a sip of some of these drinks!

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