8 Places in the Philippines Art Lovers Can Visit for Free

8 Places in the Philippines Art Lovers Can Visit for Free

Discover your inner Amorsolo and Luna amongst these art attractions in the Philippines.

Art is subjective, and what art captivates one may not necessarily captivate the other. But for me, anything that elicits a reaction, be it joy, sadness, anger, fear, and yes, even disgust (Inside Out, anyone?) can be called a work of art. For what is art without emotion?

In the Philippines, there are a number of places where you can appreciate different forms of art at your own leisure. From havens of street art to exquisite indoor galleries and well-decorated parks, here is a quick list of art attractions in the Philippines to visit for free.

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1. Anda Street – Manila City

philippine art attractionsImage credit: Tea Trails

The walled city of Intramuros is one of the most historic centres of Old Manila. But aside from the rustic architecture and old fortifications, it is home to a stretch of vivid urban art. Anda Street serves as a home to several collaborative creations that can be viewed and visited for free. Thanks to local and international street artists, this side of Intramuros has never been so colourful.

2. The Collective – Makati City

Image credit: Chariss Concepcion

The Collective is a group of shops and galleries that has been packaged to be at the centre of everything. From art spaces to reggae and even live art during Sunday evenings, The Collective can be your choice if you just want to chill out. A perfect combination of art appreciation and just a laid-back scene with a beer or two, it is a destination that cannot be missed if you want to make the most out of your leisure time.

3. Mac Arthur Highway – Valenzuela City

Image credit: Filipino Street Art Project

Mac Arthur Highway is a very long road that stretches from the city of Caloocan to the province of La Union. This stretch reflects a groovy combination of urban and provincial living. The most prominent location where interesting graffiti could be found is at the stretch of Mac Arthur Highway situated in the city of Valenzuela. From carefree expressions to profound pieces, you will find a lot of great illustrations here. Prepare to be awed by how far a plain-looking wall can go when an artist starts his or her magic.

4. Track 30th and Terra 28th – Taguig City

Image credit: Elmer B. Domingo

It is such an interesting fact that at the heart of the highly urbanized city of Taguig lies two spacious parks that serve as a breathing space and an artistic installation at the same time. The Track 30th and Terra 28th promote fitness, health, and appreciation of art by incorporating the elements of art, nature, and wellness all rolled into one. So if you want to infuse your workout routine with thoughts of art that you can ponder or simply some eye candy that you can appreciate, check out these two great destinations.

5. The National Museum National Art Gallery – Manila City

Image credit: jon mannion

Spend a day at the National Art Gallery section of the National Museum and be surrounded by great art pieces and installations. With its picturesque location and huge collection of art pieces, it remains to be one of the most preferred photography destinations for classic and renaissance themed photoshoots. The museum offers free admission during Sundays.

6. Aguinaldo Highway – Bacoor, Cavite

Image credit: Cavity Collective

Following the footsteps of Mac Arthur Highway is Aguinaldo Highway, which is one of the major thoroughfares in the province of Cavite. If you are heading south, you can feast your eyes on the numerous patches of street art that have been continuously growing and improving through the years.

7. University of the Philippines Diliman Campus – Quezon City

Image credit: Deirdreamer

The UP Diliman College of Fine Arts is well-known to be the Alma Mater of the most prominent local street artists today. You will be welcomed by murals that shout of influences coming from the country’s rich historical and political roots. A great “yuppie” destination because of its casual feel and a very serene environment, the main campus of the state university remains among the best destinations around the metro to have some quiet time and think about life and what inspires you.

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8. Goodfriend Bridge – Marikina City

Image credit: Filipino Street Art Project

Freedom of expression is one of the goals defined by the city of Marikina when it adorned its boring walls with colour and artistic statement. One of these destinations is Goodfriend Bridge, which has been attracting local and foreign tourists alike and has been a constant must-see in the travel itinerary of anyone who plans to visit the city.

When the clubbing scene is getting old and gas prices become too high to go on those frequent road trips, why not treat yourself to a breath of fresh air by checking out these art places? Not only will you be trying something new, you might just be able to awaken the Amorsolo or Luna in you.

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