How to Join the Live Anywhere on Airbnb Program

Airbnb Wants You to “Live Anywhere” for Almost an Entire Year Through Its Program

If you qualify, you'll get credit for accommodations, transportation allowance, listing suggestions, and local experiences.

With the notions of remote work, isolation, and creative staycation in full gear, it looks like there’s no better time to book a private home away from home than… well, today. And if you have to pay practically nothing to make it happen, all the more worthwhile! The Live Anywhere on Airbnb program is precisely that — except you barely need to worry about the paying part!

The world’s largest online marketplace for vacation rentals announced that it would be inviting a group of people to join its latest initiative. Specifically, 12 individuals from all over the world would be staying in Airbnb listings for approximately one year, and at almost no cost. They’ll then provide insights about their experiences to help Airbnb “better accommodate nomadic living.”

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How to join the Live Anywhere on Airbnb program

In an official release, Airbnb said that it was inspired by the need for more people to live flexible lifestyles by working and living anywhere they please. “The share of stays 28 days or longer on Airbnb increased 10% in nights booked when comparing 2019 to Q1 2021,” it said, referring to their annual report, Airbnb Report on Travel & Living.

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The report also highlighted that 11% of Airbnb customers who booked stays in 2021 appear to have a nomadic lifestyle. Meanwhile, 74% of them said that when the pandemic is over, they would want to live outside their usual office or where their employer is based.

If you’re an existing or aspiring remote worker, creative, young family, or staycationer (to name a few), you may qualify for the Live Anywhere on Airbnb program as long as you are:

  • At least 18 years of age at the time of application.
  • A resident of either: Argentina; Austria; Australia; Belgium; Canada excluding the Province of Quebec, Chile, mainland China; Denmark; Dubai; France; Germany; Hong Kong; Ireland; India; Italy; Japan; Malaysia; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Portugal; Russia; Singapore; South Africa; South Korea; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; United Kingdom; and the United States of America.
  • Holding a passport that is valid at least until 1 Feb 2023.
  • Able to understand and speak conversational English.

Application is open from 12am (EST) on 9 Jun 2021 to 11.59pm (EST) on 30 Jun 2021. To apply, visit Live Anywhere on Airbnb. You’ll then need to answer the required items asking for your personal information and reasons for wanting to live a nomadic lifestyle with Airbnb for a year, among other things. Responses should be in English.

Note: The Philippines originally appeared in the list of eligible countries under the program’s Selection Terms. However, it was eventually removed. Airbnb later clarified via Instagram that they were unable to open eligibility to some countries because of their respective laws and regulations at this time.

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What Airbnb needs from the qualified “nomads”

Aside from meeting the above-mentioned requirements, those who qualify after answering the questionnaire would undergo an interview with Airbnb representatives in July 2021. Shortly after, they will choose the final 12 participants. The program takes place from July 2021 to July 2022. However, only 10 months is allotted for travelling and actually living in the Airbnb listings.

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Through Live Anywhere on Airbnb, the platform hopes to come up with the following through the experiences provided by the program participants.

  • Product changes and resources that could help improve the long-term living experience.
  • Ideal types of accommodations for solo travellers or groups like families.
  • Connections to local community members and businesses.
  • Better understanding of the financial benefits of hosting while travelling.

In exchange for these outputs, Airbnb will cover credit for accommodations, transportation allowance, listing suggestions, and local experiences. More benefits would be disclosed and provided during the duration of the program. Furthermore, qualified participants can bring up to three people or companions to live anywhere with them.

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