Japanese Yen Down, Tourists Up: Is Now the Perfect Time to Visit?

Japanese Yen Down, Tourists Up: Is Now the Perfect Time to Visit Japan?

Japan is waving!

Is now the perfect time to visit Japan? The Japanese yen has plummeted down to its lowest value against the US dollar in decades. Keep reading to find out what that means for tourists. 

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Japanese yen sinks down to an all-time low

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Tokyo | Image credit: visualspace via Canva Pro

At the time of writing, the exchange rate has ¥1,000 equivalent to $6.48 (S$8.81). This marks the lowest the value of the Japanese yen has been down against the US dollar since 1990.

Is it the best time to visit Japan?

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Mt. Fuji | Image credit: Shawn.ccf via Canva Pro

That said, the low yen may prove to be beneficial for travellers looking to visit the Land of the Rising Sun for sightseeing and shopping. In fact, March 2024 saw a record-breaking number of tourists visiting Japan — over three million! It’s the biggest number of tourists the country has ever seen in a single month, with travellers who want to see the cherry blossoms and explore the country while the Japanese yen is down. 

This influx of tourists is also a huge win for the Japanese economy, as visitors spend yen on hotels, transportation, food, and of course, shopping! Think affordable Studio Ghibli merch, high-tech gadgets, and all the delicious souvenirs your heart desires.

But here’s something to keep in mind: The Japanese government is keeping a close eye on the situation. While a weak yen is great for tourists, it can cause other economic issues. If you’re considering a trip to Japan, it might be wise to book sooner rather than later, in case the government intervenes to strengthen the currency.

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So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Japanese yen (while its down), dust off your walking shoes, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Japan! Just remember, with record tourist numbers, popular destinations might be a bit crowded. But hey, that’s just another reason to explore hidden gems and venture off the beaten path.

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